CONCORD (KPIX) — Even in a controlled environment, things can go wrong with fireworks, which is exactly what happened at a professional pyrotechnics display at the Concord Pavilion Sunday night.

It appeared the fireworks started two small fires. The show came to a stop for about 20 minutes as firefighters fought and put out the flames.

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The show resumed for about five minute before a second grass fire erupted.

“Now we had two fires, so they stopped the show. And I think its too risky to continue. We should probably stop the show and that’s that,” said fireworks spectator Ravi Shah.

Organizers resumed and finished the show after firefighters put out the second fire.

Neighbors and spectators actually predicted the outcome.

“With all these brown grass hills around here, it seems kind of funny. But if they’ll go ahead and shoot it off, I’ll watch until the fire starts and we’ll get the heck out of here,” said Fremont resident Steve Moniz.

That joke turned into a reality Sunday evening.

Many neighbors thought the city of Concord would force the organizer to cancel the show because of a wildfire that burned a mile away at Kirker Pass Road Sunday afternoon.

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Authorities said a car fire spread to nearby brush and burned 37 acres of vegetation.

About 100 people worked to put out this wind-driven fire.

“It’s a scary thing, ’cause I’m just a couple blocks away. There have been several fires on Kirker Pass Road over the years,” said Concord resident Shawna Millward.

KPIX asked Contra Costa Fire officials about the irony of having a fireworks show so close to the grass fire they just put out.

“A lot of effort has gone into pre-planning the fallout zone. They’ve taken some extra steps in terms of mowing a very large area, even over and above what’s required by code,” said ConFire Deputy Chief Aaron McAlister.

ConFire says they’re even more concerned about illegal fireworks out in the communities.

As of 11:15 p.m., Contra Costa Fire said crews had responded to 37 grass and exterior fires and five structure fires just since 9 p.m.

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All fireworks, including safe and sane fireworks, are illegal in the county.