The Knockout in San Francisco's Mission District pays tribute to beloved late punk show promoter Scott Rogers with a series of shows featuring many of the acts he regularly hosted including Pins of Light, the Fleshies and more. Mission Bar Pays Week-Long Tribute to Beloved SF Punk Promoter – CBS San Francisco

By Dave Pehling

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The music scene in San Francisco lost one of its hardest working and most beloved champions last month when punk promoter Scott Rogers (aka Scott Alcoholocaust) passed away after an intense 18-month battle with metastatic prostate cancer.

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Rogers had been an intrinsic cornerstone of the Bay Area live music scene for a quarter of a century, tirelessly promoting punk and metal concerts at venues on both sides of the Bay — frequently organizing multiple events on the same night — under both his pseudonym (Alcoholocaust Presents) and his Depth Charge Presents banner.

Relocating to San Francisco from Nevada City in 1988, Rogers threw  himself into booking concerts full time in 1995, squirreling away enough money to support himself during the first few months of a passion project that would not bring him great financial rewards, but made the promoter a wealthy man in terms of friends, admirers and good times over the decades that followed.

Rogers was diagnosed with cancer in February of last year, only a month before the COVID-19 pandemic would shutter all of the venues he would host shows at, effectively cutting off his livelihood. A GoFundMe campaign quickly raised tens of thousands of dollars, eventually collective over $140,000 from friends, fans and supporter who wanted desperately to hold benefit concerts for Rogers but couldn’t.

While he promoted shows at dozens of venues in San Francisco and the East Bay over the years, over the past decade Rogers probably spent more time at the Knockout in San Francisco’s Mission District than any place outside of his own home. Fittingly, the dive bar and live venue will be putting on a string of tribute concerts in memory of Rogers and the great service he provided for punk and metal fans in the Bay Area.

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Starting on Tuesday night with a show featuring SF noise-pop outfit Pardoner, the run of concerts includes a number of band that were regular performers on Alcoholocaust/Depth Charge bills including twangy swamp garage-punk crew Whateverglades, arty, angular trio Rip Room (both on Wednesday) and frantic, unhinged local punk outfits Warp, Grosero and Bruja (all on Thursday).

Friday night, things take a turn towards metal with chugging Oakland headbangers Moses being joined by SF sludge veterans Hazzard’s Cure, rising punk/metal crew Glowing Brain and corrosive Oakland crust metal band AnsiA.

While the plan was to have friends of Rogers gather across the street at the El Rio on Saturday at noon for a memorial gathering followed by a procession back to the Knockout for more live music, concerns over the spread of COVID-19 led organizers to cancel those plans. Instead, there will be an informal gathering on Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. More details are available on Facebook.

Sunday wraps up the run of tribute shows with Oakland-based Rock En Espanol punks Deseos Primitivos, goofy pop-punk band Whoosie What’s It’s and the song stylings of Spike Slawson (Me First & the Gimmie Gimmies, Swingin’ Udders). Unfortunately, gypsy jazz band King City had to cancel. More information is available on the Knockout website.

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Scott Alcoholocaust Memorial Week
Tuesday-Sunday, July 20-25, times vary; $7 (Saturday afternoon show free)
The Knockout