HAYWARD (CBS SF) — A man who had apparently fallen asleep inside a parked vehicle with the engine revving and catching on fire was pulled out to safety by police officers in Hayward in an incident captured on video and released on Tuesday.

Hayward police said the incident happened on June 28 in north Hayward. In the video posted on the department’s Facebook page, , officers are seen arriving at the parked vehicle that has smoke billowing out of the closed hood and flames starting to appear.

According to the post, the first officer on scene saw the vehicle was on fire but could not tell if there were people inside because the indows were heavily tinted and the doors were locked.
The officer used his baton to shatter the passenger side window and was able see someone inside and yell for him to get out of the car. The officer the moved to the driver’s side of the car and pulled the man behind the wheel out and away from the vehicle which was becoming engulfed. The undidentified man was the only person in the vehicle.
Hayward firefighters arrived on scene to extinguished the flames. Further details about the incident were not immediately available.