By John Ramos

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — CBS has commissioned a poll of 1,800 Californians to find out what they think on a number of issues, including their feelings about the Golden State itself.

In general, California residents feel good about where the state is heading, with 61 percent saying they feel optimistic about the future.

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“It’s a good place,” said San Francisco resident Maria Carrillo. “The weather’s good. People are good. The food is so good!”

Carillo’s sentiment is shared by many, according to Anthony Salvanto, CBS News Election and Surveys Director.

“Top answer for people statewide IS the food!” he said, “As well, as nature—the outdoors—the diversity in the state, its culture and its weather.” In fact, “food” got a 75 percent response in a list of “good things about life in California.”

Answers that were more negative focused on two issues: traffic and, more importantly, the high cost of living. 66 percent of people making less than $50,000 said the cost of living is unmanageable. But, surprisingly, the poll shows that the majority (52 percent) of those making $100,000+ also consider the cost of living to be unmanageable in the state.

“We’re in very good shape,” said Ron Donohue of Napa, “but I know a lot of people aren’t and that’s a problem, especially for the homeless.”

68 percent of young people are optimistic about the future, leading the poll, but in the Bay Area they have a growing sense of hopelessness about the affordability of housing.

“They have to work upwards of 60 plus hours a week just to make ends meet, so, they don’t really have any life of their own,” said Kostyantyn Gorlaklov. “So, is it impossible, no, but it’s very difficult and in some cases it’s just not worth it.”

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“For me, as a young person, the hopes of living here when I’m older is not very high,” said Kevin Suvijano of Pleasanton.

“I take pride in being a Bay Area native,” said Richmond resident Dalon Bell. “But as of today, in the moment, I feel like there’s no such thing as the California Dream, unfortunately.”

The poll asked people about that “California Dream.” One quarter thought they already achieved it, while 30 percent didn’t think they ever would, and 22 percent were unsure.

“As far as the dream goes, I can’t say,” said Anthony Carbone of Danville. “I’m not really sure what the California Dream would be.”

Anni Donohue, an Ohio native who’s lived in the state for years, felt differently.

“I’ve dreamt about moving to California since I was 8 years old,” she said. “And I came out here and I love it. People think differently, act differently.”

“Well, it was to me,” said Donohue, when asked specifically if ‘the Dream’ was real. “And it still is.”

The poll also says the majority of respondents think the high price of real estate is hurting people financially. But they believe the tech industry and immigration have generally been good for the state.