By Maria Medina

SAN JOSE (KPIX) — Exactly one month from Thursday, you must show proof you’re fully vaccinated to enter the Shark Tank.

SAP Center officials announced the new requirement not only for San Jose Sharks games but any event that is held at the venue, including concerts. The requirement meets the emergency ordinance just passed by the San Jose city council Tuesday to make it mandatory to show proof of vaccination at all city-owned venues for gatherings of 50 or more people.

Although the effective date for the SAP Center is Sept. 20, the first impacted event will be the Gold Over America Tour starring Simone Biles on Sept. 26.

Ricky Cady, widely known as Capt. Half Beard for his teal-and-orange-dyed beard, said he plans to attend the first season opener game in October.

“It’ll be fun to have a fuller Tank again,” Cady said. “(I’m) a little nervous with Delta and everything.”

The long-time season ticket holder said he’s OK with the new entrance requirement.

“I am vaccinated,” he said. “I actually feel safer and more confident that they’re putting that in place.”

Stephen Welsh, who has been a season ticket holder since the Sharks came to the Bay Area, is also vaccinated.

“I agree with it, I’m fully vaccinated,” Welsh said. “I don’t mind, it’s worth it to go to the games.”

For season ticket holders who are not vaccinated and don’t plan on getting the shot, the SAP Center is encouraging them to contact their account representative to discuss options for the tickets they’ve bought.

“Most of us had already paid for a year that didn’t exist, a lot of us already paid for this year,” Cady said.

According to the SAP website, those who bought tickets to concerts or other events at the SAP Center and can’t meet the vaccination requirement can try and resell their tickets or contact the company where the tickets were bought.

“We’d have to go home, we live all the way in Modesto,” said William Roupe who attended the Guns N’ Roses concert Wednesday night.

Roupe, like many, had not heard of the requirement and not everyone approved.

“Here you are, you’re splitting levels, you’re having two tiers of society now,” said Ave Gallagher who also attended Wednesday’s concert. “The people that can go and the people that can’t go.”

“Rules are put in place, agree with them or not, they are in place by authority so we kind of have to honor that,” Cady said.