By Maria Cid Medina

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX) — Despite a lawsuit calling its ban on oversized vehicles on narrow streets inhumane, the city of Mountain View began posting signs to enforce the voter-approved measure.

It has left many, like Patrick True and Todd Wolff, making plans to leave the city — not by choice.

“I think it’s stupid, I think they’re putting a lot of money where they don’t need to,” True said. “My family’s been here for eons. I don’t care, I’m out of here, you know, c’est la vie to Mountain View.”

The class-action lawsuit, filed by legal advocates on behalf of the residents who live in RVs, calls the ban “unconstitutional” and “inhumane.” Mountain View city leaders have asked a federal judge to throw out the lawsuit; arguing that the ban’s goal is to ensure safety on its narrow roads.

The ban prohibits oversized vehicles on streets less than 40 feet wide. There’s also a ban of oversized vehicles on streets with bike lanes. That means oversized vehicles, including RVs, are not allowed on more than 80% of streets in Mountain View.

The city began posting signs in the area of Monta Loma, Farley and Rock Streets on August 14. Between now and mid-September, signs will go up in the area of Moffett and Whisman Road.

Wolff, who lived in a tent along a creek after losing his parents, feels lucky to now own an RV. He’s lived on Gemini Avenue for more than a year.

“It’s been great, we’ve kept it quiet and clean, we haven’t had any problems,” Wolff said.

But he said he doesn’t blame residents who want to see them go.

Wolff and his neighbor have looked at a few spots in Sonora. That’s where True plans to move next month despite the fact that the street he and Wolff are parked on is wide enough to allow them stay. But they know of another city law that only allows them to park there no more than 72 hours.

They know it’s only a matter of time before their time is up.

“I mean they need to solve the problem, that’s not solving the problem, that’s just making the problem bigger,” True said. “I’m out of here, I’ve lived here all my life and I’m forced out of here. I mean that sucks. I grew up here.”

Mountain View leaders said they could not comment on the litigation that has been filed against them.