By Da Lin

ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — Brazen thieves broke into Antioch’s Deer Valley High School while the halls were empty in the pre-dawn hours, calmly ripping off prized camera equipment during a crime that was capture on surveillance video.

The theft and break-in has forced the school’s unique student-run television station to temporarily suspended video production

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Principal Olubukola “Bukky” Oyebade said two burglars forced their way into the equipment room at 3:35 a.m. on Saturday October 9th. They wiped the storage shelves clean and stole about $15,000 worth of cameras and lenses.

A surveillance camera in the equipment room recorded the burglary. The footage showed two masked men, one wearing a Sierra College hoodie, and another was on phone Facetiming a woman. One burglar eventually saw the surveillance camera and removed it.

“That’s horrible, man,” said Coach Emonte Tay with the Deer Valley High School football team. “That’s taking away from our kids, taking away something that they enjoy doing. That’s really unfortunate that (the burglars) would do that to a school.”

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The television production teacher, Kiel Olff, shared pictures of the burglary aftermath on Facebook, showing empty equipment shelves and camera cases. He said the students had previously spent a lot of time raising money to buy the gear.

The students cover campus news and sports for Deer Valley Television, or better known as DVTV.

“A lot of the stuff from DVTV is very, very good, probably the best in the nation in my point of view,” said Coach Tay.
Coach Tay said the student journalists do a great job of covering the football team. “They support us big time, they definitely support us.”

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The school said insurance will cover the stolen cameras. They have ordered some equipment so the student journalists can soon get back to doing what they love.