WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS News) — Pfizer announced Tuesday it is asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize booster doses of its COVID-19 vaccine for all adults, ages 18 and older.

The request comes a month and a half after the FDA authorized boosters for seniors and other higher-risk adults. The company says new data from a large clinical trial of more than 10,000 fully vaccinated people found that a booster dose was over 95% effective against COVID-19 compared to individuals who were fully vaccinated but had not received a booster dose.

A press release issued by Pfizer said that during the study period, “there were 5 cases of COVID-19 in the booster group, and 109 cases in the non-boosted group.” The company also says the efficacy of the booster dose was consistent across different ages and racial and ethnic groups.

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