SAN MATEO (KPIX) — Most Students Rising Above scholars credit the non-profit for their success. Nathan Porras is no different, but he also has one very special person in his corner who has been his biggest support both at home and at work.

Currently, Porras is a product manager for Brilliant, a smart-home technology company based in San Mateo, a position the 30 year old says is both challenging and fun.

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“Getting into the workforce, getting into something I was intrigued about, which is specifically technology, was what got me here,” he said.

“Here” is his career success, which is Nathan’s highly sought after position at a growing company. His personal success is Nathan’s growing family, which is comprised of his wife Desiree and their first child, son Oliver. Desiree has enjoyed watching Nathan thrive in his new tech role.

“[I am] incredibly proud. It’s so fun and inspiring to watch him,” said Desiree. “He is definitely a go-getter and it’s so fun to watch him do his thing!”

Desiree and Nathan met 12 years ago during their senior year of high school. For Nathan, it was love at first sight.

“She caught my eye,” said Nathan. “And of course I thought I was super fly, so I went in and kind of introduced myself.”

Desiree saw something very special in Nathan too.

“Nathan’s personality,” said Desiree. “When we first met, He’s very curious and does his best making connections with people.”

For Desiree meeting Nathan meant an instant connection to a young man who’d been through a lot.

Back then, the 18-year-old Nathan was living with friends and working to support himself. At the time, his parents were in and out of his life.

“There was definitely kind of a hard time for me to kind of figure it out,” recalled a now adult Nathan of that time.

Nathan may have been on his own, but he was not alone with Desiree by his side. It’s a point Nathan is quick to acknowledge.

“There was a lot of people that supported me, that gave me guidance, that pushed me when I felt like I couldn’t push anymore,” he explained.

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Also pushing him towards success at that time were Desiree’s mom and dad, who welcomed Nathan into their family.

“My mom’s definitely been there. Well, both of my parents, but you know my mom,” said Desiree. “I would just remember her calling, texting him. Their relationship is awesome.”

With that support, along with the love and guidance Nathan received from his SRA advisor Lisa Kossiver. the couple thrived.

They stayed close through high school and attended college at separate universities before getting married in 2017.

And now, 12 years later, Nathan is still smitten.

“It’s been a blessing to have [Desiree] in my life,” said Nathan of his wife. “The support that she has provided me, pushing me and always being there when things got rough.”

For her part, Desiree’s still impressed by the man she knows today.

“I don’t say it enough, how impressed I am about what kind of person he is,” declared Desiree.

Their family tree is a dream come true for Desiree, a fresh start for Nathan and a strong support for Oliver.

The couple is expecting their second baby this coming February. Both say they are so excited for Oliver to have a sibling.

Nathan is now also very close to his own mom, as the two have reconnected. Nathan says she is a caring and committed grandmother to Oliver.

It’s a blessing for Nathan and his son.

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“[Oliver] will have his own challenges as he grows up, but my hope is they won’t be the same challenges that I went through as a kid,” Nathan said. “I am always supporting him.”