SAN JOSE (KPIX) — For the first time in the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos fraud trial, the jury got to hear Holmes speak on Thursday, but not because she was testifying on the witness stand.

Audio recordings taken from an interview Elizabeth Holmes did with
Fortune Magazine journalist Roger Parloff were played in court.

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Holmes can be heard making claims that other witnesses have said were false, such as how Theranos devices could do a thousand blood tests, that the company did all of its own tests, and didn’t rely on 3rd party analyzers.

“This journalist is echoing the testimony that the jury has been hearing for the last 11 weeks,” said former prosecutor and legal analyst Michele Hagan.

“This is a powerful witness, he’s summing up. He’s reminding the jury of all the claims that Elizabeth Holmes made to these witnesses. It’s not a good day when your own voice comes back to incriminate you,” Hagan added.

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On cross examination, defense attorney John Cline started probing into Parloff’s other sources for his reporting.

Parloff refused to answer some questions, citing journalistic privilege to not reveal confidential sources under the First Amendment.

The judge had to conference with lawyers to discuss that, outside the presence of the jury.

Parloff brought his own lawyer to court to make his case just before the trial broke for the day.

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Parloff will be back on the witness stand on Friday.