OAKLAND (KPIX) — The victim of a catalytic converter theft that was caught on camera said Friday she was home when the thief decided to stop traffic and steal the auto part right outside her front door.

“It’s absolutely shocking! You don’t think things are going to happen in front of your house when you’re home,” Mary Elliott told KPIX. “It’s so crazy, it was just a few feet away from me. I was working from home.”

The video was captured by Monique Llamas and her husband. They said they were driving on Outlook and 73rd avenues in Oakland around 1 p.m. on Wednesday when a GMC Yukon XL in front of them suddenly stopped.

“All of a sudden they just stopped,” Llamas said. “We called the police right away.”

Llamas’ husband took out his cellphone and began recording when they saw a passenger get out of the SUV and crawl under a green Honda CRV with a tool in hand.

In less than 30 seconds, the man crawls back out from under the Honda holding a catalytic converter. He gets back into the SUV and takes off.

Fearing for their safety, Llamas said they didn’t get out of their car or say anything to the suspect but they knew their video could possibly assist investigators in tracking down the thieves. Llamas said she was surprised at how quickly the suspect was able to remove the catalytic converter and get away.

The next day, Elliott said she discovered she couldn’t drive her car because of the missing part.

She was watching KPIX when a story about a catalytic converter theft came across her screen and caught her attention.

“I was like, ‘Oh well, that’s like me’ and then I look and I’m like, that’s the car across the street, that’s the tree outside — that’s my car!” Elliott said. “I couldn’t believe it was my car. So I actually got to see how they did it and it’s within seconds. I’m really grateful for the people that did catch the video and it’s nice that we do look out for each other.”

She said her mechanic told her it would cost roughly $6,500 to make repairs to her car and, because of a backlog in supplies, it couldn’t be replaced until after New Year.

Elliott reached out to KPIX after seeing the news report. She hopes police will be able to find the suspect thanks to the video that Llamas shot.

Oakland police have requested the video and this news outlet has released it to investigators. However, there is no word on whether an arrest has been made.

Despite the theft and the inconvenience it has caused, Elliott said she doesn’t wish jail time for the suspects but rather rehabilitation.

“I work two jobs, we rent, we’re newlyweds and I take care of my mom who has dementia,” said Elliott. “I mean, I’m a good person, you know.”

Elliott said she has set up an account to help her raise funds until she’s able to get her car repaired. She can be contacted at goodenergymary@gmail.com