radar_animSAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Bay Area cities are nowhere close to reaching normal rainfall rates, and it will still take rain measured in feet, not inches, to recover from the worst drought in California history.

Exactly a week ago, many parts of the Bay Area needed a foot or more of rain just to catch up to normal precipitation. A graph posted to CBSSF.com showed the problem, city by city before the wave of storms.  Things have not improved much since, with places like San Francisco needing just under a foot of rain to get back to a normal year, and more to recover.  San Jose needs over eight inches of rain to reach normal.  Farther north, the rainier Crescent City still needs another two feet and then some just to reach normal.

Here is where conditions stand on March 31st:

 SAN FRANCISCO  10.15  21.26  11.11
 OAKLAND 7.85  18.53  10.68
 SAN JOSE  5.26 13.30  8.04
 SANTA ROSA 13.17 32.48  19.31
5.89 13.98  8.09
MOUNTAIN VIEW – MOFFETT  5.06 13.08  8.02
 SACRAMENTO  8.20 17.95  9.75
 CRESCENT CITY 27.48 53.94  26.46

DATE SOURCE: National Weather Service