Prop 15 Challenge To CA Property Tax Rules Trailing; Prop 19 Wildfire Tax Break Too Early To CallA ballot measure to partially dismantle California’s longtime system of tying property taxes to the last sales price was trailing narrowly Tuesday with several million votes still to be counted.
Prop 22: Big Money Campaign Keeps Gig Workers Classified As Independent ContractorsUber, Lyft and other app-based ride-hailing and delivery services have prevailed in their expensive gamble to keep drivers classified as independent contractors.
Prop 21: California Voters Reject Measure To Expand Rent ControlVoters have rejected a measure that would have let California cities expand rent control. Proposition 21 would have let cities limit rent hikes on properties that are more than 15 years old.
California Votes To Keep Criminal Justice ChangesCalifornia has upheld several criminal justice changes, endorsing recent efforts to ease mass incarceration by reducing penalties and allowing for earlier releases. Voters also appeared likely to maintain the state’s current cash bail system as a majority opted for the status quo on both criminal justice ballot measures.
Prop 17: California Restores Right To Vote To Felons On ParoleA ballot measure restoring the right to vote for felons on parole has been decisively passed by California voters.
Prop 24 Expansion Of Landmark California Data Privacy Law LeadingA measure to refine and expand California's sweeping digital privacy law was leading Tuesday night with 57% of more than nine million votes counted and 55 percent of precincts reporting.
Prop 14 Stem Cell Research Funds For CA Institute For Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) LeadingA proposition that would keep alive first-of-its-kind stem cell research program in the East Bay was leading after the polls closed on Tuesday.
Democrat Joe Biden Wins California’s 55 Electoral Votes; Bay Area House Seats Stay With IncumbentsJoe Biden won California and its 55 electoral votes Tuesday, tightening the Democrats' grip on the nation’s most populous state.
California Voters Reject Prop 23's Regulation For Dialysis ClinicsCalifornia voters have rejected a ballot measure to require a doctor or highly trained nurse at each of California’s 600 dialysis clinics.
California Ballot Propositions: Voters Determine Wide Ranging Ballot Props -- Rent Control To No Bail ArrestsAs in the case in most California statewide elections, voters will have chance to determine a wide ranging number of ballot propositions running the gamut from local rent control to affirmative action to the gig economy and the controversial no-bail arrests.
California Ballot Propositions: Voters Decide Employment Fate Of Gig Economy App-Based DriversElection Day dawned Tuesday at the San Francisco Bay Area headquarters of ride-share giants Uber and Lyft with the fate of their business models in the hands of California voters.