Countries Make Move to Curb Plastic Waste in OceansAn intergovernmental conference has taken early steps toward drawing up an agreement to curb plastic pollution and marine litter around the world, which can choke off sea life, harm food safety and coastal tourism and contribute to climate change.
Tesla Files to Sell Electricity in TexasPalo Alto-based Tesla has filed with the Texas Public Utility Commission to generate electricity and sell it directly to the public. Details were not included in the application but the company said in its filing it plans to sell electricity directly to consumers with a focus on those who already own Tesla cars.
The California Dream: CBS News Poll Reveals Divisions On Climate Change Along Party LinesThe California Dream CBS News Poll reveals a clear divide as to whether climate change is a “very important issue.” 79% of Democrats say it is. Among Independents, that number is 53%, and only 34% among Republicans.
Environmentalists Suing Over Proposed Richmond Housing Development At Contaminated Waterfront SiteA coalition of environmental activist groups announced Wednesday that they filed a lawsuit against two state agencies over the environmental impact analysis of a proposed housing project at a contaminated waterfront area in Richmond.
Report: Children Living Near SJ's Reid-Hillview Airport Exposed To Dangerous Levels Of LeadA new report found children in who live near Reid-Hillview Airport in East San Jose are being exposed to dangerous levels of lead.
South Bay Surfer Helping To Clean Up Beaches In Half Moon Bay, South AfricaBillions of pounds of plastic and other pollutants end up in the ocean every year. This week's Jefferson Award winner is a San Mateo County woman who has been rounding up her small coastal community to help clean it up.
Fire Whirls, 'Pyro' Clouds, Smoky Skies: Extreme Fire Behavior a Preview of What's to ComeAs scientists examine how much of this summer's wildfire behavior can be attributed to human-caused climate change, they say extreme fire events seen recently may only be a preview of what's to come in the coming decades.
Proposed Measure To Reduce Plastic Waste Will Go Before CA Voters On 2022 BallotA California initiative that would require state regulators to reduce plastic waste has qualified for the November 2022 ballot, officials said Monday.
Megadrought Poses 'Existential' Crisis in California and the WestA scorching "thousand-year" drought made worse by climate change is draining reservoirs at an alarming pace, fueling massive wildfires and withering California's crucial Central Valley agriculture economy.