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Allen spent his high school years at a seminary training to be a priest. Now, he’s serving people in a different way. He co-anchors the 6p weeknight newscasts and files special reports across all KPIX 5 platforms.

Martin exposed the Central Valley’s version of the Flint, Michigan water crisis when he discovered arsenic flowing through Kettleman City’s drinking water. He revealed poachers butchering Northern California’s majestic redwoods for profit. And, he uncovered a loophole in California’s assault rifle ban. His series of reports on the bullet button prompted California to introduce several gun control measures.

Allen started in broadcasting when, as a junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, he produced a radio talk show for KLOS. In his senior year he took a job as a disc jockey in Sacramento – flying up on the weekends to work and back for school during the week.

After graduating, he worked in radio news in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

In 1983, he moved to Atlanta for a job at a news talk radio station. Allen was hired at CNN’s Radio network before taking a TV writing job at CNN’s Headline News.

In 1986, he accepted his first on-air TV job in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

“I had to sling the ¾ inch recording deck over one shoulder, a camera over the other while wearing a battery belt around my waist,” he says. “I remember wearing penny loafers while covering one big flood. I literally walked out of my shoes. You learn the hard way and then you don’t make those mistakes again.”

After five years and promotions to assistant news director and main anchor, Allen returned to his native California to be a principal anchor at the Salinas NBC affiliate. He was there four years, co-anchoring with the popular Dina Ruiz, who was married to Clint Eastwood.

Just after the Oklahoma City bombing, Allen accepted the main anchor position at KFOR in Oklahoma City.

“The story that really stands out for me was the six-month anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the first terrorist attack on US soil,” he says. The truck bomb blast killed 168 people and injured hundreds more.

When he asked his news director why he got the assignment, he was told his fresh perspective might enable him to tell a better story. Allen was the first reporter to enter the Murrah Federal Building after the crime scene was opened to the media.

In 1998 Allen returned to California and the Monterey Peninsula to anchor and be the assistant news director for the CBS/FOX affiliate stations.

Six years later, he made his way to the Bay Area and KPIX 5. He started as a South Bay reporter and subsequently anchored various newscasts.

Besides anchoring, Allen enjoys interviewing and was one of seven local reporters invited to the White House to interview President Obama. He also excels at live reporting and brought viewers live never-before-seen images of the Presidio Parkway a day before it opened using Skydrone 5.

When he’s not at the anchor desk, Allen profiles some of the Bay Area’s quiet heroes as part of the Jefferson Awards, a national program that honors public service across America.

“The Jefferson Award stories are about good people doing good things for a good reason,” he says. “It’s an uplifting counterbalance to some of the bad news we have to cover on a daily basis.”

In addition to his broadcast journalism work, Allen has taught “Media and Crisis Communication” for the Department of Homeland Security. He also sits on the board of directors of “Boyhood Shadows Project” a non-profit that helps male victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Allen has won multiple Emmy Awards for his anchoring and reporting at KPIX, along with honors from the Associated Press Television Radio Association as well as the Oklahoma and Arkansas Association of Broadcasters.”

He enjoys fly fishing, remodeling projects, cycling, and spending time with his family.

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Writing Coach Brings Out The Best In Young Authors

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Boys And Girls Club Empowers Children Of Alameda

This week’s Jefferson Award winner was given a choice as a child: join little league or the Boys Club. He didn’t realize then, the choice he made would not only change his life, but the lives of countless other children in the future.


Baseball Academy Inspires Young Players

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He looked nothing like the suspects’ descriptions but that didn’t stop S.F. police from forcibly arresting a man and searching his home for stolen iPhones while his wife sat on a sofa wrapped in a bath towel.


Vine Village Cares For The Developmentally Disabled

Finding care for a child with disabilities is, at the very least, challenging. So 45 years ago, when two Bay Area families decided to start a facility to care for their developmentally disabled family members and others, no one had any idea if it would work. This week’s Jefferson Award winner is living proof that it did work, and has been a huge success.


East Bay Woman’s Non-Profit Teaches Love Of Music To Elementary School Kids

When Bay Area elementary schools started eliminating music programs decades ago, Carol Zilli decided to do something about it.


Pacifica Gardener Donates Produce Bounty To Those In Need

It is one thing to start a vegetable garden because you love to grow fresh, healthy food. But it is another thing to take all that food you have grown and give it away to those most in need.


Golf Tournament Funds Alameda Boys And Girls Club

For nearly three decades, Wayne Marzolf has made sure young people get the opportunities offered by the Alameda Boys and Girls Club.


Family Photos Stolen From Wildfire Victims During Benefit Concert

A family that survived the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa went to San Francisco for a break, but instead they got their family photos stolen.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–11/10/2017

Volunteers Run Woodworking Program For Los Altos School

Very few schools today give students a chance to take a woodworking class. But at one small school in the Bay Area, every eighth grader looks forward to the time when they can pick up a block of wood, and make something with their own two hands. It’s all thanks to this week’s Jefferson Award winners.


3 Peninsula Teens Die When Their Vehicle Careens Off Skyline Boulevard

A community on the peninsula is remembering three teenage friends killed in a rollover crash on Skyline Boulevard in San Mateo County.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–11/02/2017

Unlike Trump, Covered California Really Wants You To Know About Open Enrollment

Unlike the federal government, California wants you to know that Covered California open enrollment has begun and rates remain affordable.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–11/01/2017

Bay Area Mom Inspired By Son’s Disability Promotes Special Needs Kids’ Rights

When her son was diagnosed with a disability, a Bay Area woman found a way not only to help her son, but also help many other children with disabilities.


burned home wine country wildfire

Cleanup Of Lots Destroyed In Wine Country Wildfires Not A Quick Process

The cleanup of areas ravaged by the North Bay wildfires is going to take much longer than some may think, due to a number of hazardous conditions crews are facing. 


Non-Profit Matches Donated Items With Those In Need

This week’s Jefferson Award winner runs a small non-profit that’s helping people who need just a little to make a big difference.


Volunteer Group Grants Little Wishes To Hospitalized Children

When a neighbor said she wanted to help chronically ill children who were stuck in the hospital, this week’s Jefferson Award winner jumped in to help. She’s not a doctor or nurse, but she found a way to use her own expertise to make a difference.


Project Grants Wishes For Bay Area Seniors

Knowing that a simple act of kindness can change a person’s life inspired this week’s Jefferson Award winner to help low-income Bay Area seniors realize their dreams.


Non-Profit Offers Low-Interest Microloans To Low-Income Minority Women

Starting a small business is hard enough. If you’re low income, a woman, and a minority, it might seem impossible. But this week’s Jefferson Award winner is helping such women achieve their goals everyday.


Q Foundation Secures Housing And Healthcare For Clients

When their friends were dying of AIDS or being evicted from their homes, two friends decided to take on San Francisco’s housing crisis. Fourteen years later, not only are they helping AIDS survivors, their non-profit has expanded to help the entire LGBT community. And the pair are this week’s Jefferson Award winners.


Motorcyclist Detained After Riding Through San Francisco Heathcare Protest

Man who rode a motorcycle through a crowd of activists blocking a San Francisco street and protesting the GOP healthcare bill was detained.


SF Non-Profit WildAid Saves Animals By Reducing Demand For Poached Products

At Wild Aid, it’s about the slogan: “When the buying stops, the killing can too.” Peter Knights co-founded the San Francisco non-profit in 2000 with the goal of saving endangered animals, starting with sharks, elephants, and rhinos.


North Bay College Gives Out Food To Students Barely Scraping By

A Bay Area college campus is helping students put food on the table.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–05/30/2017

Fremont Retiree Feeds The Homeless

Once a week, the homeless in Fremont line up for a free, hot meal courtesy of this week’s Jefferson Award winner.


Appearances Can Lead To Achieving With ‘All Tied Up’

Many young men might shy away from wearing a tie, especially to school. But this week’s Jefferson Award winner is sending a message that not only is wearing a tie cool, it can be the key to success.


Foundation Provides Music Therapy For Hospitalized Children

It’s hard to imagine anything more difficult than seeing your child in the hospital. One man who had to endure that ordeal is working to make it a little easier for parents and children. This week’s Jefferson Award winner is doing it with the gift of music.


Chess Club Teaches Life Lessons Across The Board

If life is like chess, Chris Major wants kids to learn the lessons early.


City Surf Project Teaches Urban Kids To Ride The Waves

Many Californians take a day at the beach for granted. But others have never seen the ocean. This week’s Jefferson Award winners are working to make sure that city kids do experience the waves, while at the same time, learn some very valuable lessons.


‘Sew For Love’ Group Crafts Handmade Items For Charity

Using donated fabric, needles, and thread, this week’s Jefferson Award winner has come up with a way to create little things that provide huge comfort. She does it for the love of sewing.. and the love of her community.