Jaclyn Dunn Born and raised in southern California, Jaclyn has always had a keen sense of how traffic can make or break your day.

Before she was of driving age, she learned that not all motorists follow the rules of the road. She was run over by a car while jogging and nearly lost her leg. It took a persistent mother dismissing two surgeons before a third would attempt to save Jaclyn’s leg. After four years of additional procedures and physical therapy, Jaclyn finally regained full mobility.

Jaclyn went on to earn her B.A. in Communication Design from Chico State. Her first job in television took her to Sacramento where she worked at KTXL as an assignment editor.

“I thought it was the most stressful, intense and scary job because at the end of the day, there was always pressure not to miss anything and it would ultimately come down to the desk,” she remembered.

That’s when she got her first taste of traffic, working with CHP officers who provided live updates.

Jaclyn then headed west to San Francisco. Her first on-air job was reporting traffic for the most well-respected traffic outfit in the nation – KCBS All News Radio.

Jaclyn experienced Bay Area traffic from practically every perspective. She has provided updates from above as an airborne reporter. She’s monitored scanners and other traffic information sources from the KCBS traffic center, and she’s spent more than her fair share of time sitting in slowdowns like everyone else.

That experience earned Jaclyn her first big TV break when she was a fill-in traffic reporter for KPIX 5. With just a few on-air shifts under her belt, Jaclyn took a full-time position at KCRA in Sacramento to gain more experience.

Since re-joining the KPIX 5 morning team in April 2017, Jaclyn has felt right at home. She is delighted to be living in “the City by the Bay” again.

Jaclyn appreciates all the dog-friendly offerings San Francisco provides now that she has her rescued puggle “Lady Blah Blah” at her side.

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