Animal Update: Diabetes In CatsDiabetes is not a problem that just impacts humans. It's becoming more common in the domesticated animal world, too.
Animal Update: End Of Life Decisions For Your PetEnd of life decisions can be costly and also very emotional for pet guardians.
Animal Update: DNA Unlocking Links Between Dogs, WolvesResearchers have begun to pinpoint the evolution of dogs from wolves by using genetic sequencing.
Animal Update: Kitten SeasonEach year, we talk about kitten season - when shelters become full of orphaned or otherwise surrendered cats.
Animal Update: Pet BehaviorIt's not uncommon for people to think of some pets as expert mimics - birds, for instance. But according to a recently published report, there is evidence to suggest other pets do it, too.
Animal Update: Therapy AnimalsAfter the recent Connecticut school shooting, a team of dogs was sent to comfort the grieving, driving home the point that therapy dogs can greatly benefit those in emotional distress.
Animal Update: Tax Deduction For Foster Pet ParentsA judge recently ruled that pet "foster parents" can tax deduct expenses such as food and medicine.
Animal Update: Medical Alert DogsStrange but true, dogs' scenting abilities can help humans with medical needs.
Animal Update: OCD in PetsWith animals, we don't necessarily know what they're thinking. Still, we see compulsive behavior by our four-legged friends.
Animal Update: Your Pet's Dental HealthFebruary is Dental Health Month. What should we know about our pet's teeth?
Animal Update: Soaring In The Walking Horse IndustryIn the walking and performance horse industry, there is some controversy over the use of a technique known as "soaring."
Animal Update: Domestic Violence Protection Orders For PetsMore and more states are starting to include pets in domestic violence protection orders, which raises the question - are pets often abused in homes with domestic violence problems?
Animal Update: Diabetes In CatsWe all know that diabetes is becoming a huge problem in this country; could that be the case for pets as well?
Animal Update: Advances In Lyme Disease ResearchWhat is Lyme Disease - and just how big of a problem is it?
Animal Update: Contagious YawningA bit of an unusual topic but a fun one, too: humans often will yawn when we see somebody else yawn. Animals, believe it or not, may do the same.