8-Week- Old Lion Cub Joins 6 Flags Discovery’s Animal Nursery'Cain,' an 8-week-old lion cub is the latest addition to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's animal nursery.
Lindsay Wildlife Experience Celebrates Oldest Living California Bird's BirthdayThe Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek is the oldest wild animal rehabilitation hospital in the nation. On Sunday, they celebrated a birthday for the worker who has been there the longest.
Oakland Fire Crews Rescue Goat That Fell Into 40-Foot Drain PipeA goat was rescued Saturday night from a 40-foot-deep drainage pipe on the eastern edge of Oakland.
Oakland Animal Shelter Confirms Dog Flu OutbreakThe Oakland animal shelter reported an outbreak of canine flu among their animals on Thursday and warned dog owners to steer clear of their facility.
Chihuahua Mix Puppy Stolen From East Bay Pet Store Turns Up In San FranciscoA puppy stolen last weekend from a Lafayette pet store has been located in San Francisco. No word on how the puppy was found in San Francisco or whether a suspect was located.
Mountain Lion Confronts Redwood City Couple In Their DrivewayA Redwood City couple's home surveillance camera caught a bicycle-sized mountain lion leap over their fence and into their backyard after coming face to face with it in their driveway.
Elephant Seals Take Over Drake's Beach At Point ReyesA popular Marin beach that has been overrun by elephant seals has led park rangers to step in to protect both the public and the marine mammals.
Prairie Dog Pups At San Francisco Zoo Get New NamesSprout, Radish, Walnut and Meadow - those are the winning names in an online contest to provide monikers for four eight-week-old prairie dog pups at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens.
Naming Contest Held For Baby Prairie Dogs Born At San Francisco ZooFour baby prairie dogs recently born at the San Francisco Zoo have yet to be named and zoo officials announced Thursday they’re holding a contest to name them.
Baby Wallaby At San Jose Zoo Ready To Leave Mom's PouchA new baby wallaby who was born late last year has just started poking its head out of its mother’s pouch at their home inside the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.
Blind Sea Lion at San Francisco Zoo DiesThe well-loved sea lion, named Silent Knight, had been receiving cancer treatments but an exact cause of death is unknown, zoo officials said.