San Francisco's Kearny Street Workshop Provides Voice To Asian-American ArtistsJason Bayani remembers discovering how he wasn't alone as an Asian American poet. Now he's supporting others as artistic director of the Kearny Street Workshop.
Artist Offers Reward For Paintings Stolen From SF Artist ColonyTwo beloved paintings worth an estimated $20,000 were stolen from an artist colony in San Francisco. Now, the man who created them is speaking out about what is really lost when art is stolen.
Students Rising Above Creates Online Forum With Social Justice FocusWith the COVID-19 pandemic keeping most students isolated from their social support systems, many now need a creative and constructive way to express their feelings about current events.
Bay Area Artist's Mexican Roots At Core Of Her ArtInes Chapela's art is inspired by her travels and nature but it's her culture that is at the heart of every piece.
COVID Reopenings: San Francisco's DeYoung Museum Chooses Unique 125th Birthday Exhibit To Honor 2020Most San Francisco Bay Area residents will agree that 2020 has been one of the most challenging and impactful years in decades. Among the communities weathering the storm is the Bay Area vibrant art community. So what better way to honor local artists than a showing of their works in an exhibit marking the DeYoung Museum's 125 birthday.
San Francisco Museums Get Green Light To Reopen June 29Museums across San Francisco that have been closed for months due to the COVID-19 shelter in place order got a surprise phone call from the mayor's office Monday, giving them the green light to reopen.
SF Public Works Apologizes For Painting Over Black Lives Matter Mural On Bernal RockA battle over a rock and an art space ended in an apology and a promise on Tuesday, after someone -- this time a worker on San Francisco's graffiti abatement crew -- painted over a Black Lives Matter mural on a boulder in Bernal Heights for the fifth time.
Sculptor Susan Behary Talks About Bush's 'Sully' & Service Dogs MemorialRenowned sculptor Susan Behary talks to Bay Area Focus host Anne Makovec about her work.
Does The Naked Body Belong On Facebook? It's ComplicatedIn 1964, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart declined to define what constitutes obscenity but famously added, “I know it when I see it.” In the 21st century, does Facebook?
Palette Restaurant & Gallery Hosts September Dinner SeriesPalette Restaurant & Gallery's chef and founder Peter J. Hemsley talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about the September Dinner Series.
Chase Center Set To Unveil Its Unique 'Seeing Spheres' Art WorkIt's hard not to notice one of the signature pieces of San Francisco's new Chase Center. They look almost alien in nature.