San Francisco Prosecutors To Use AI To Reduce Racial Bias In Criminal Justice SystemIn a first-of-its kind experiment, San Francisco prosecutors are turning to artificial intelligence to reduce racial bias in the courts, adopting a system that strips certain identifying details from police reports and leaves only key facts to govern charging decisions.
Facebook To Use AI To Prevent Painful Reminders About Dead Loved OnesFacebook says it will change the rules for how it deals with profiles of people who have died.
Google Scraps Controversial AI Ethics Council Days After It Was AnnouncedGoogle has shuttered its new artificial intelligence ethics council, a little more than a week after the Mountain View-based company announced it.
First Artificial Intelligence Google Doodle Features BachGoogle is celebrating composer Johann Sebastian Bach with its first artificial intelligence-powered Doodle.
Google To Give Away $25 Million To Fund Humane AI ProjectsGoogle will give away $25 million to projects that propose ways to use the artificial intelligence of computers to help create a more humane society.
AI-Powered Hearing Aid Features Language TranslationA company that makes hearing aids in the Bay Area is going to do more than improve hearing; they're using artificial intelligence to help users understand different languages.
Why Is Facebook Keen On Robots? It's Just The Future Of AIFacebook announced several new hires of top academics in the field of artificial intelligence Tuesday, among them a roboticist known for her work at Disney making animated figures move in more human-like ways.
Google's Surfer Dude Phone Bot Ready For Real World Debut Google prepares to release Duplex, an AI-assisted assistant that sounds like a California surfer and made a stir in May when CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled it at its Google I/O developer conference.
Google Pledges Not to Use AI for Weapons or SurveillanceGoogle pledged Thursday it won't use artificial intelligence in applications related to weapons or surveillance that violates international norms.
MIT Scientists Create AI-Powered 'Psychopath' Named NormanNorman always sees the worst in things. That's because Norman is a "psychopath" powered by artificial intelligence and developed by the MIT Media Lab.
Researchers Create 'Psychopath AI' Using Violent Images OnlineNorman is a "psychopath AI", created by researchers at the MIT Media Lab as a "case study on the dangers of artificial intelligence gone wrong."