BART Board Approves $11.3M Plan To Modernize Powell Street StationBART's Board of Directors on Thursday approved a contract for $11.3 million to modernize San Francisco's Powell Street Station.
BART Board Sinks Anti-Panhandling Ordinance, Approves SFO Priority Entry Pilot ProgramA five-seat majority on BART's board of directors declined to move forward Thursday morning with a request that staff research and draft an ordinance cracking down on panhandlers and performers in the paid areas of the transit system.
BART Board Approves New Type Of Turnstile Gate To Discourage Fare JumpingThe BART Board late Thursday morning voted in favor of a new type of turnstile gate designed to deter fare dodgers.
BART Looks To Purchase New Offices In Oakland After Years Of RentingIt's a discussion many Bay Area households have had in recent years: Is it better to rent or buy? BART, it appears, is ready to settle down.
BART Board Approves Fare Increases Through 2026The BART Board of Directors voted Thursday on a fare increase for its fiscal 2020 budget, which includes incremental fare increases through 2026.
One BART Board Member Wants To Put Brakes On Fare IncreasesFare increases come like clockwork on BART, but one director wants to put the brakes on that process.
BART Board Endorses SB50 Proposal To Build Homes Near TransitThe BART Board of Directors on Thursday endorsed Senate Bill 50, a proposal in the state legislature aimed at boosting housing construction near transit.
BART Approves Increased Power Washings At Mission District StationsThe BART Board of Directors has voted to quadruple the amount of time that two stations in San Francisco’s Mission District will be washed every night.
Volunteer Security Team Patrols Richmond BART Station to Keep Riders SafeWith BART rider safety a red-hot topic, one grassroots group of self-appointed security guards is doing what some say BART police are not.
BART Board Votes To Hire Additional Fare InspectorsThe BART Board of Directors on Thursday voted 7-2 to hire 10 additional fare inspectors and expand the teams to nights and weekends.
BART Board to Make $20 Million Security UpgradeBART's board of directors approved a $20 million plan to expand the transit agency's network of digital cameras, install emergency call boxes on station platforms and increase officer patrols.