BART Eyes New Solutions To Fare Cheats And The Problems They CauseYou don't have to look hard to find fare cheats on BART. But not only does BART have a fare gate problem, they have a problem with what happens after people jump the gate.
Nia Wilson's Family Takes First Legal Action Against BARTAttorneys representing the family of Nia Wilson have filed a claim against BART charging that her July 22 stabbing death on the MacArthur station platform was preventable.
BART Fare Evasion Crackdown Prompted By Increasing Rider ComplaintsIt appears public outcry was instrumental in getting Bay Area Rapid Transit to ramp up enforcement efforts against fare cheats.
BART Steps Up Fare Evasion Crackdown, Requires Proof Of PaymentBay Area Rapid Transit is ramping up its campaign against fare evasion, approving a requirement for riders to show proof of payment.
BART Stops Dozens For Suspected Fare Evasion In Latest SweepBART police appeared in greater numbers at two stations and between the Coliseum and West Oakland stations Thursday as part of the new chief’s strategy to cut fare evasion.
BART Ramps Up Crackdown On Fare EvadersBART Police are putting riders who are not paying for their rides on notice, by cracking down on fare evasion.
BART Juvenile Fare Evader Crackdown Thwarted By New State LawBART is looking to spend millions of dollars putting fare cheats out of business. But it turns out, it's against state law to go after juveniles.
BART Proposes $3 Million Crackdown On Fare EvadersBay Area Rapid Transit is looking to spend nearly $3 million to crack down on fare evaders.