Gail Sheehy, Author Of Bestselling 70's Self Help Book 'Passages' Dies, At 83Gail Sheehy, the journalist, commentator and pop sociologist whose best-selling “Passages” helped millions navigate their lives from early adulthood to middle age and beyond, has died. She was 83.
'Doctors Had The Power To Do What They Wanted With Little Oversight': Chip Jones On New Book 'The Organ Thieves: The Shocking Story Of The First Heart Transplant In The Segregated South'Author Chip Jones discusses his new book about a Black man named Bruce Tucker, who sustained a head injury in 1968 and had his heart taken out of his body and put into the chest of a white businessman.
'Anxiety Is Not Something You Can Just Turn Off': Author Megan Collins On New Book 'Behind The Red Door'The author discusses her new novel about a woman named Fern Douglas who goes back into her past when she starts realizing her connection to a famous kidnapping victim.
'The Question Is What Truly Makes You Rich': Julie Pennell On New Book 'Louisiana Lucky: A Novel'The author discusses her new novel where she explores how life changes forever for three sisters when they win $204 million from the lottery.
'Your Moontime Magic: A Girls Guide To Getting Your Period & Loving Your Body'Author Maureen Theresa Smith talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about her new book, 'Your Moontime Magic: A Girls Guide to Getting Your Period and Loving It,' and the taboos that persist about menstruation.
John McReynolds Of Stone Edge Farms Talks About His New CookbookAuthor and culinary director John McReynolds talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about his latest book, 'The Stone Edge Farm Kitchen Larder Cookbook, Seasonal Recipes for Pantry and Table.
Actor, Author Robert Trabor Talks About 'The Haircut Who Would Be King'Actor, author Robert Trebor from the hit series Xena, Warrior Princess talks to Bay Area Focus host Kenny Choi about his new book, 'The Haircut Who Would Be King.'
Publisher Cancels Controversial 'American Dirt' Promotional Tour Following BacklashA Wednesday night appearance in Corte Madera by Jeanine Cummins, author of the controversial novel “American Dirt”, has been cancelled after her publisher called off the remaining stops of her nationwide promotional tour over safety concerns.
Roberta Gonzales Shares Her New Children's Book 'Marina The Fish With Teal Lips'Producer, host Roberta Gonzales talks to Bay Area Focus host Anne Makovec about her current projects, including her new children's book, 'Marina The Fish With Teal Lips.'
Get The New Edition Of The Classic Cookbook, 'The Joy Of Cooking'Co-editors John Becker and Megan Scott talk to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about the new edition of 'Joy of Cooking.'
Producer Hawk Koch Talks About His New Book 'Magic Time, My Life In Hollywood'Producer Hawk Koch talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about his new book, 'Magic Time, My Life in Hollywood.'