Video: Banana Peel Topples Newest Robot Dog From Boston DynamicsThe robotics division of Google's parent company, Alphabet, has released a new video of a robotic dog getting upended by strategically-placed banana peels.
Google Could Be Selling Robotics Company Boston DynamicsOnly weeks after a couple of online clips of their high-tech creations went viral, there are reports that Google parent company Alphabet Inc. may be looking to unload robotics arm Boston Dynamics.
Google Robot 'Dog' Faces Off Against Ticked-Off TerrierWhat happens when two dogs -- one a robot, the other a flesh-and-blood animal – face off?
Google-Owned Company Releases Another Creepy Robot-Abuse VideoThe robotics arm of Google released video of the latest generation of its bipedal humanoid robot called Atlas this week, and it once again may leave viewers wondering why the company's scientists feel the need to abuse to their robotic creations.
Robotic Dog From Google Subsidiary Stands Up To Kicks From Humans, Rough TerrainA Google-owned subsidiary that makes animal-inspired robots revealed their latest creation, a small robotic dog that can stand up to all kinds of challenges.
Military Robot Fueled By Google Technology Has Learned KarateThe Pentagon-backed team developing a robotic soldier that looks like something out of 'Terminator' has released a new video showing of the balance and mobility of their creation.
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Google Deal Adds To Tech Giant's Robotics ToolboxGoogle may be gearing up to build robots that resemble props in science-fiction movies as the ambitious Internet company expands into yet another technological frontier.
Google Acquires Boston Dynamics, Maker of Animal-Inspired RobotsCompany nabs a maker of impressive walking and running creatures. It's part of Google's effort to buy its way into a future populated by autonomous mechanical entities...