Opinion: Obama’s Security Breach In Libya Is Ignored By American MediaAs the liberal American press and ultra-liberal bloggers inundate the Internet and newsprints with criticisms of what Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential challenger to President Barack Obama, said about Obama during the Libyan attacks and murders, throngs of foreign press and few American outlets tell the real story involved with the White House’s role in the incidents that we now know could have been prevented.
Google Executive Freed After 12 Days Blindfolded In EgyptGoogle Inc. said Monday that its marketing manager has been released in Egypt after being detained during anti-government protests two weeks ago.
San Francisco TV Station Gives Viewers Front Seat To Egypt TurmoilSan Francisco-based Link TV is giving its audience a broad view of events unfolding in Egypt, as Al Jazeera English language broadcasts have been bumped from about 30 minutes each day to a full 12 hours.
More Than 30 UC Associates Evacuated Amid Egypt UnrestSince the U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory for U.S. citizens traveling in Egypt, which remains in a tumultuous period of political instability, 19 University of California students and at least 13 other adults have been transported from the country.
Google Says Manager Has Gone Missing In EgyptGoogle said one of its Middle East managers has gone missing in Cairo, where violent protests against the ruling regime have embroiled Egypt’s capital for the past week.
Bay Area Tech Firms Reevaluate Outsourcing Amid Egypt CrisisSeveral Bay Area tech companies have had to shut down operations in Egypt because of that country's massive political uprising.
Bay Area Student In Cairo Won't Evacuate YetThe State Department is using government chartered planes to evacuate Americans from Egypt, but not all of the U.S. citizens there want to leave.
Hercules Parents Keep In Touch With Daughter In CairoThe continuing political tensions in Egypt are leaving for some anxious moments for many Bay Area families.