Drought Emergency: San Jose Mayor Liccardo Proposes Outdoor Watering Limits To 2x/Week, Renews Calls To ConserveSan Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo renewed calls for residents to conserve water and proposed outdoor watering restrictions Wednesday as California's ongoing drought deepens.
Artificial Turf Stolen From San Jose Home As Drought Drives Rising DemandAs the ongoing drought prompts some to replace their lawns, thieves were caught on camera stealing an expensive roll of artificial turf from the front of a San Jose home.
Drought Emergency: Pleasanton Likely To Declare Stage 2 Water Shortage, Mandate 15% CutsThe Pleasanton City Council on Tuesday will likely declare a local drought emergency, declare a stage 2 water shortage, and mandate that Pleasanton water customers reduce their water use by 15 percent.
Healdsburg Leading the Way In North Bay Water ConservationEveryone in California has been asked to conserve water, but no one is doing it better than one community in the North Bay.
California Drought: Water Use Up in Some South Bay Communities, Despite Calls to ConserveSouth Bay communities are consistently falling short of water conservation goals as officials consider imposing drought penalties including fines and higher rates.
Drought Emergency: Dry Conditions Sending Wildlife Into East Bay NeighborhoodsFrom turkeys strolling along streets, to wild pigs appearing on surveillance video digging up yards, bone dry conditions in the hills has sent thirsty wildlife into neighborhoods, particularly in the East Bay.
Drought Emergency: More South Bay Residents Turn To Graywater Systems To Save Water And Their PlantsAs South Bay water officials ask everyone to cut back 15% because of the drought, more are turning to graywater to save water and their plants at the same time.
Lake Mendocino Water Level Drops to Nearly Historic LowThe water level in Lake Mendocino on Thursday fell below 20,000 acre feet despite earlier state orders preventing hundreds of water rights holders from drawing from the Russian River.
Lawrence Berkeley Lab Heads Effort To Collect Water Data In U.S. WestThe multimillion-dollar effort led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory launches next week.
Drought Emergency: Marin Opens Recycled Water Station For All County ResidentsThe Marin Municipal Water District is providing recycled water directly to residents through a recycled water filling station that opened Wednesday to encourage county residents to reduce water waste during the county's exceptional drought.
Drought Emergency: Water Shortage Takes Toll On California's $6 Billion Almond IndustryA historic drought across the U.S. West is taking a heavy toll on California’s $6 billion almond industry, which produces roughly 80% of the world’s almonds.
Drought Emergency: Dry Mendocino Desperately Tells Visitors 'Please Conserve'Tourists flock by the thousands to the coastal town of Mendocino for its Victorian homes and cliff trails, but visitors this summer are also finding public portable toilets and signs on picket fences pleading: “Severe Drought. Please conserve water."
California Drought: Power Plant At Oroville Dam Shut Down Due To Low Water LevelsFor the first time ever, water levels at Lake Oroville are so low due to drought and heat, its power plant had to be shut down.
Power Plant at Oroville Dam Reservoir Shut Down for First Time Due to Lack of WaterThe six-turbine Edward Hyatt power plant was taken offline Thursday after the water level in the Oroville Dam reservoir that feeds it sank to an historic low.
California Drought: Shrinking Lake Mendocino Forces Water Cuts To Sonoma County Russian River RegionResidents in the Russian River region of northern Sonoma County are already facing mandatory water rationing. But now, the situation has become so dire that some agricultural users are being cut off completely.