Judge Dismisses Trump Administration Claim On 2 Of 3 California Immigration LawsA federal judge has dismissed the federal government's claim that U.S. law trumps two California laws intended to protect immigrants who are in the country illegally.
1 Dead, Homes Destroyed As Klamathon Fire Rages Out Of ControlFirefighters battling the Klamathon Fire along the California-Oregon border Friday discovered a body within a residence during a welfare check of an evacuated area.
California 'Bullet Button' Gun Registry Process Bogs Down As Deadline LoomsSix years ago, KPIX 5 was the first to expose a workaround in California's gun laws that allowed military style rifles like AR-15's to proliferate in the state.
Marijuana Businesses Urge California To Delay Strict Testing, Packaging RulesNearly 150 marijuana businesses in California warned Friday that they could face crippling financial losses unless the state extends a July 1 deadline imposing strict standards for pot testing and packaging.
California Passes Strictest Online Privacy Law In The CountryThe law, which takes effect in 2020, gives consumers sweeping control over their personal data.
California Lawmakers Pass Ban On Local Soda TaxesSoda taxes may stop popping up in California and elsewhere, thanks to a new push by the beverage industry to fight such measures.
State Legislation Aims To Preserve Union Strength Ahead Of DecisionIn anticipation of the Supreme Court's ruling on union fees Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown had already signed bills that tightened up the rules for people opting out of union plans.
Lawsuit Filed To Block Lead Paint Initiative From November BallotSanta Clara County and the city of San Francisco have filed an emergency lawsuit asking the California Supreme Court to block a $2 billion initiative supported by two paint companies from appearing on the November ballot.