California Child Care Professionals Harness Tech to Maintain Health and Education Home VisitsCalifornia childcare professionals are now making video calls, recording stories, dropping off learning materials on doorsteps and parking outside families' homes to provide mobile hotspots, all to keep connecting with their clients.
Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Childcare Workers To UnionizeGov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation on Monday allowing tens of thousands of childcare workers in California to bargain for better wages and health benefits.
Starbucks Announces New Backup Childcare BenefitsStarbucks is sweetening the pot for employees with a new family care benefit.
California Bill Could Be First To Provide Diapers For Families On WelfareA California Assemblywoman drafted a bill for the CalWorks program that would give qualifying families $80 a month to spend on diapers for children under age 2.
ConsumerWatch: Center Helps Working Moms Find BalanceFinding reliable and affordable childcare is a big challenge for moms and dads, especially in the Bay Area. A new San Francisco business called NextKids has begun offering parents a possible solution by providing both work space and kid care.
Milpitas Daycare Closed Over Alleged Abuse Of Infant BoyA longtime Milpitas childcare facility has shut down and the owner’s childcare license suspended due to alleged mistreatment of a boy there, according to the California Department of Social Services.
Researchers Find High Formaldehyde Levels At Bay Area Day Care CentersUC Berkeley researchers have recorded high levels of the carcinogen formaldehyde at dozens of Northern California day care facilities.
California Legislation Could Provide Benefits For Babysitters Legislation known as the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights could force California parents to provide benefits for childcare workers.
Muni To Begin Charging Workers For ParkingMuni officials voted unanimously on Wednesday to write $55 tickets to employees caught parking in an MTA lot without an $80 a month permit.
San Francisco Nanny Parking Proposal Moves AheadThe city's transportation authority agreed Tuesday to move forward with a plan to issue special street parking permits to nannies, after local parents said current parking restrictions pose a safety risk to kids.
San Francisco Considers Parking Permits For NanniesSan Francisco’s tightly regulated residential parking permits may soon be available to childcare providers, thanks to a group of local parents who say nanny parking is a safety issue for kids.