You Can 3D Print A Heavy-Caliber Gun -- And It's Totally LegalWith a $500 3D printer and enough thermoplastic, you can mass produce deadly plastic guns from the convenience of your own home.
Why Police Want Google's Waze Popular Cop-Tracking Feature DisabledLaw enforcement officers around the country are calling on Google to disable a feature on its popular Waze traffic app.
If You Drive In Oakland, Police Probably Know Where You've BeenA San Francisco-based civil liberties group is painting a stark portrait of what it looks like when tens of thousands of cars are tracked on the streets of Oakland over an eight day period.
Fremont Police Hopes To Add Surveillance Cameras, License Plate ReadersWith the help of private surveillance cameras, burglaries are down in Fremont. Now, city officials want to install high-def cameras and license plate readers to track criminals coming from out of town.
San Francisco Mayor Worried By City’s Rising Homicide RateThe number of homicides in San Francisco this year has outpaced 2011, a problem San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said requires a comprehensive solution.
Success Fighting Prostitution Prompts Vallejo To Deploy More CamerasThe success of crime cameras in controlling prostitution has led Vallejo to expand the number of cameras deployed around town.
San Francisco Sit-Lie Ordinance Ineffective, Police Brass ToldSan Francisco’s controversial sit-lie ordinance has been mostly ineffective, a police lieutenant said at a department meeting Wednesday.
Bay Area Honors Man Who Refused WWII InternmentCalifornians are observing the first official statewide day set aside to honor Fred Korematsu, who fought the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans.