Big Snack Companies Making Smaller Portions, Adding Warnings To Hold Onto ConsumersBig snack food companies are encouraging consumers to eat less, but the shift in strategy could be more about brand preservation than consumer health.
Health Advocates Remake Iconic Coca-Cola Ad Into Serious WarningA watchdog group is trying to shake up consumers' perception of soda with a provocative new ad. It turns the famously sweet Coca-Cola "Hilltop" jingle into a sour reminder with a message about the sugary drink.
Online Petition Calls Out Nestlé For Bottling California’s Water, Selling It For Profit During is specifically calling out Nestlé in an online petition for its practices of bottling California water and selling it for profit.
Coca-Cola Bottle Turns 100; Kicks Off Year-Long Birthday CelebrationThe sexy little bottle that has kissed the lips of millions around the world was born in 1915 at the Root Glass Company, in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Other Soda Makers Spend Millions To Defeat San Francisco TaxThe Coca-Cola beverage company alone spent nearly $6 million.
Fire Breaks Out At Coca-Cola Distribution Facility In Union CityFirefighters knocked down a one-alarm blaze at a Coca-Cola distribution facility in Union City Monday afternoon, fire officials said.
Battle Brewing Over Bottled Water Plant Plans For Mt. ShastaIn the midst of California’s drought, there’s a fight brewing over bottled water, and the need for jobs.
SF Company Expects To Sell Lots of Facebook, One Share At A TimeWhen Facebook goes public on Friday, a company that caters to the smallest of retail investors expects to take a lot of orders from customers who want to buy just a single share.
California Passover Diners Get The Word: No CokeCoca-Cola may be off the menu for the Passover feast—at least in California.
San Francisco Parks Receive Major Donation From Coca ColaA much needed donation has landed in the lap of San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department.
Coca-Cola Sign On San Francisco House Falls Flat With NeighborsA vintage Coca Cola sign decorating the side of a San Francisco house is falling flat with some residents.