Oakland Police Unveil Neighborhood Commanders In New StrategyOakland Interim Police Chief Sean Whent said Thursday that his department's new neighborhood policing plan is aimed at being more efficient in reducing the city's high crime rate.
Oakland Begins Implementing Community Policing Plan To Fight CrimeStarting Saturday, Oakland will take a big step towards fully implementing its neighborhood policing plan by assigning officers to one of five newly identified districts in the city.
Hayward Police Get $3.6M In Federal Grant MoneyThe U.S. Justice Department is giving a $3.6 million financial boost to an East Bay police force.
BART Police Revamping Approach To Patrolling SystemBART wants its officers to be more familiar with the beats they patrol. So officials have divided four zones into five and divided those even further.
SFPD Chief Working To Build Stronger CommunitiesSan Francisco's Chief of Police is being applauded by the Board of Supervisors for outlining guidelines on what exactly community policing means.
Oakland Police Get Boost From Witness TipsTips from witnesses have helped Oakland police solve three major crimes - an assault, robbery and burglary- in the past month.
BART Staff Being Trained On Community PolicingIt's all part of the ongoing reforms in the wake of the Oscar Grant shooting.
Richmond Sees Sharp Reduction In Homicide RateIn 2009, there were 47 reported homicides in the city, but Richmond Police Sergeant Bisa French said that number has dipped to 22 this year.