Watchdog: California Wildfire Victims Personal Data Wrongly Released By FEMAThe Federal Emergency Management Agency wrongly released to a contractor the personal information of 2.3 million survivors of devastating 2017 hurricanes and California wildfires, potentially exposing the victims to identity fraud and theft.
2018: The Year Silicon Valley Creeped Out the WorldWe may remember 2018 as the year when technology's dystopian potential became clear after a seemingly-unending series of revelations about the dark side of Silicon Valley's connect-everything ethos.
Data Breach May Involve Personal Information Of 500 Million Marriott Guests A massive security breach may have involved the personal information of 500 million Marriott hotel guests since 2014 including those who stayed in the more than a dozen lodging sites in the Bay Area.
"New Normal'; Facebook's Election 'War Room' Takes Aim At Fake Information
35 Million Voter Records Found For Sale On Dark WebSecurity researchers say an estimated 35 million voter records from 19 U.S. states have been offered for sale on a dark web online forum.
Google+ To Shut Down Amid Security Bug Google said Monday that it is shutting down the long ailing social network Google+ for consumer use amid new scrutiny of the company for reportedly failing to publicly disclose a security bug affecting users of the service.
What Happened and What Comes Next in Facebook Data BreachFor users, Facebook's revelation of a data breach that gave attackers access to 50 million accounts raises an important question: What happens next?
European Union To Demand Facebook Audit In Wake of ScandalEuropean Union lawmakers appear set this month to demand audits of Facebook by Europe's cybersecurity agency and data protection authority in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
AG: Uber Attempted To Sweep Massive Data Breach Under The RugSan Francisco-based ride-hailing service Uber has reached a $148 million settlement over allegations that it violated state data breach reporting and data security laws.
Google Pledges Not to Use AI for Weapons or SurveillanceGoogle pledged Thursday it won't use artificial intelligence in applications related to weapons or surveillance that violates international norms.
Hacker Gets 5 Years for Russian-Linked Yahoo Security BreachA young computer hacker who prosecutors say unwittingly worked with a Russian spy agency was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for using data stolen in a massive Yahoo data breach.