California Data Breaches Hit More Than 20 Million AccountsCalifornia businesses and government agencies have experienced 300 separate data breaches exposing the personal information of more than 20 million customer accounts during the past two years, leading state Attorney General Kamala Harris on Thursday to elevate cybersecurity as a key focus of the state's top crime-fighting agency.
Target Customer Data Security Breach Significantly Worse Than Originally FearedTarget's pre-Christmas security breach was significantly more extensive and affected millions more shoppers than the company reported last month.
Target Security Breach Exposes 40 Million Credit, Debit CardsTarget is grappling with a data security nightmare that threatens to drive off holiday shoppers during the company's busiest time of year.
Increased Credit Card Use Spurs Higher Visa Quarterly ProfitVisa Inc. said Wednesday that its fiscal first-quarter profit rose 16 percent, as card use rose both in the U.S. and overseas.
California EDD Replaces Unemployment Checks With Debit Cards Calling it a major change in the history of California's unemployment program, the Employment Development Department is now sending out debit cards instead of traditional checks to people receiving unemployment benefits.
ConsumerWatch: Banks Balk At Proposed End Of Debit FeesBankers and merchants, pillars of the business world and frequent allies, are embroiled in a bitter lobbying battle over something Americans do 38 billion times a year — swipe their debit cards. Both sides vigorously claim to speak for consumers.
ConsumerWatch: Prepaid Reloadable Cards May Come With FeesMillions of Americans are replacing their banks and credit cards with prepaid reloadable cards. But many consumer advocates are concerned because of possible fees.
ConsumerWatch Wrap: Old Pesos, Tax Refunds, iPhone ScrewsIn this ConsumerWatch Wrap, Uncle Sam is making it easier to get your tax refund this year and Apple is making it harder for customers to open up their iPhones.
ConsumerWatch: Cash-Back Debit Cards Come With DrawbacksMost people don’t need more incentive to spend money. But some banks are trying to make it sweeter to spend by offering debit cards that let customers collect points, rewards or cash back.
New CA Bill Would Do Away With Debit Card Fees