Animal Update: The Mighty ChihuahuaThe San Francisco SPCA is celebrating chihuahuas in May and June.
Animal Update: Anorexia In CatsYou may be surprised to learn that cats can become anorexic.
Animal Update: Be Kind To Animals WeekMay 6 - 12, 2012 is Be Kind to Animals Week.
Animal Update: Glaucoma In Dogs And CatsWe certainly hear about people suffering from glaucoma. Is glaucoma a problem for dogs and cats, too?
Animal Update: What To Know Before Tethering Your Dog OutsideSometimes we see dogs tethered outside of a coffee shop, a grocery store or the like - ostensibly, they're waiting for their owners to finish their errands and retrieve them. Is this safe?
Animal Update: What Causes 'Cherry Eye' In Dogs?The condition itself isn't painful but when a prolapsed gland is exposed, it can become swollen or inflamed, otherwise damaged, or an ulcer can form on the surface on the eye, making surgery the only way to correct the problem.
Animal Update: Dangers Of Punishing Aggressive BehaviorWhen a dog exhibits aggressive behavior, should the owner punish the dog?
Animal Update: How Your Pets Feel PainMost of us know that cats and dogs feel pain, but it was previously surmised that they may not feel pain in quite the same way that we do.
Animal Update: Your Furry ValentineMy Furry Valentine - that's this topic on Animal Update with Dr. Jack Aldridge, Director of Veterinary Services at the San Francisco SPCA.
Animal Update: Crate Training BasicsSome folks might think it is cruel to put a dog in a crate. Not so, says Dr. Jack Aldridge, director of veterinary services at the San Francisco SPCA.
Animal Update: The Truth Behind DeclawingThere is some controversy about whether or not it's inhumane to declaw cats.