Spring Storm Soaks Bay Area, Dumps Snow in SierraSeveral feet of snow was predicted for the Sierra Nevada during a spring storm with the possibility of scattered showers continuing for much of the week, according to the weather service.
Winter Storm Front Dumps Snow By The Foot In Tahoe; Much Needed Rain In Bay AreaAfter more than a month of keeping the storm door slammed shut, Mother Nature flung it open Saturday bringing much needed rain to the Bay Area and several feet of snow to the Sierra.
2020 Brought First San Francisco Rain-Free February Since 1864Midnight closed out the first rain-free February in San Francisco since the Civil War, according to the National Weather Service.
Historic February Dry Spell Returns Drought Conditions To San Francisco Bay AreaAs San Francisco neared its first February without rain since 1864, federal weather monitors reported Friday that moderate drought conditions have returned to northern Contra Costa and Alameda counties and southern Solano County.
Historic Dry February Raises Drought Concerns In Bay AreaFebruary has been a magnificently beautiful month for Bay Area weather, but the fact that the region didn't get a single drop of rain the past four weeks has raised some concerns about drought.
Bay Area's Dry February Weather Approaching Civil War Era RecordA high pressure system remained stalled off the Northern California coast Tuesday, locking the region into a dry spell that reached 27 consecutive days without rain and edged the region toward a record set during the Civil War.
Bay Area Continues Historic Bone-Dry February; 1864 All-Time Record A Week AwayIt's become an all to familiar pattern this winter -- storm fronts approach the West Coast, but it will be another near miss for the Bay Area which remained on track Thursday for its first completely dry February since 1864.
Stalled High Pressure System Could Lead To Historic Bone Dry FebruaryThe last time the San Francisco Bay Area suffered through a bone-dry February, Abraham Lincoln was in the White House and the nation was in the grips of the Civil War.
Water Levels in South Bay Reservoirs Well Below AverageWith the snowpack statewide at just 72 percent of historic average, experts say it is not time to panic.
Researchers: Drought Threat Lingers Over Northern California; 'Hope For Rain'hat kind of winter is California having? This year, trying to answer that presents another question, and that is how would one like to do the measuring? That is exactly the kind of thing they work on at U.C. Davis.
Fall Storms Driving Away Fears Of New California DroughtRecent heavy storms in California have wiped out much of the state's abnormally dry conditions.