Judge Orders Santa Clara To Be Broken Up Into Voting DistrictsA major change is coming to Santa Clara politics after a judge ordered the city to divide into six districts with a single council member in each area.
Mystery: Who Bought Websites Implying US Senators 'For Sale'Dozens of web addresses implying U.S. senators were "for sale" have been quietly and mysteriously purchased online, amid heightened concerns on Capitol Hill that foreign agents — especially Russians — might be trying to meddle in upcoming midterm elections.
Twin Sisters Are Both Running For Office, But In Opposite PartiesTwin sisters Monica Sparks and Jessica Ann Tyson are so much alike that both running for public office in Michigan.
New California Law Requires Voter Data Breach ReportingJournalists, researchers and political campaigns that receive voter data must tell California officials if it may have been stolen under a new law Gov. Jerry Brown announced he signed Monday.
Non-Citizens Allowed To Vote In San Francisco Board Of Education ElectionsThe San Francisco Department of Elections Monday began allowing non-citizens to sign up to vote in Board of Education elections.
London Breed Inaugurated As San Francisco's New MayorAs London Breed begins her tenure Wednesday as the first African-American woman to be mayor of San Francisco, she will face a litany of challenges.
Mexico's Lopez Obrador Claims Historic WinFurious at spiraling corruption and violence, Mexican voters unleashed a political earthquake Sunday by electing a leftist firebrand as president and giving him a broad mandate to overthrow the political establishment and govern for the poor.
New-Generation Candidates Look to Steer Democratic Party LeftAcross the country, a new generation of Democratic candidates, steeped in an era of resistance and revolt, are working their way toward Washington.