Lonely Baby Elephant Seal At San Francisco Aquatic Park Draws Crowd, Warnings To Stay AwayA baby elephant seal was drawing a crowd at San Francisco’s Aquatic Park, as well as prompting the placement of a Do Not Disturb sign.
Pt. Reyes To Allow Public Viewing Of Elephant Seals That Took Over BeachThe public has been given a rare chance to view the colony of elephant seals that has taken up residence at the Point Reyes National Seashore visitor center.
Point Reyes Beach Overtaken By Elephant Seals During Shutdown To ReopenTourists unable to visit a popular Marin County beach that was taken over by a colony of nursing elephant seals during the government shutdown will be able to get an up-close view of the creatures.
VIDEO: Wayward Elephant Seal Herded Off Central Coast FreewayIt's pupping season along the California coast -- a time when massive marine mammals get themselves in all kinds of unusual predicaments.
Gov't Shutdown Brings Elephant Seals To Point Reyes BeachElephant seals used the opportunity of an empty Drake's Beach on Point Reyes National Seashore - due to the government shutdown - to gather for mating and bearing pups.
Bay Area Elephant Seals Travel Farther Than Once Thought After 2 Found Near RussiaResearchers tracking elephant seals off the Northern California coast say they have discovered the animals travel much farther than once thought.
Dozens Of Gray Whales Spotted Off Point Reyes As Migration BeginsGray whales migrating south for winter are now passing the San Francisco Bay Area, and rangers at Point Reyes National Seashore observed 41 whales last Sunday, and another 25 Friday.
UC Davis Researchers Find Swine Flu In Elephant Seals Off California CoastSwine flu has been detected in elephant seals off the Central California coast.
Campaign Urges Bay Area Beachgoers To 'Leave Seals Be'During pupping season the Marin County-based Marine Mammal Center is helping abandoned and sick elephant and harbor seal pups with a "Leave Seals Be" campaign, according to center officials.
Sharp Rise In Starving California Seal Pups ReportedThe Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito is reporting a higher-than-usual number of emaciated elephant seal pups.