'Production And Logistics Hell' - Elon Musk Said Tesla Was Close To BankruptcyTesla has become the most valuable and (by some measures) the most profitable automaker in the world. But a short while ago, the Bay Area based manufacturer of electric vehicles nearly toppled into bankruptcy.
Tesla Testing ‘Full Self-Driving' Vehicles That Can't Actually Drive Themselves Earlier this week, Tesla sent out its "full self-driving" software to a small group of owners who will test it on public roads. But buried on its website is a disclaimer that the $8,000 system doesn't make the vehicles autonomous and drivers still have to supervise it.
Tesla Posts Net Profit For 5th Straight QuarterTesla charged through a summertime auto industry sales slump in the U.S. to post stronger-than-expected net earnings for the third quarter.
Report: Weak Security Allowed Hackers To Bring Twitter 'To Its Knees;' Federal Oversight RecommendedA new report released Wednesday on the recent hacking of several celebrity Twitter accounts revealed that a 17-year-old hacker and his accomplices gained access by exploiting Twitter's cybersecurity weaknesses.
Tesla Sales Surge In 3rd Quarter As Global Demand Picks Up SpeedBay Area electric vehicle maker Tesla's third-quarter sales jumped 44% as global demand for its vehicles outpaced that of most other automakers.
Elon Musk Says He Won't Take Future COVID-19 VaccineIn a wide-ranging interview with the journalist Kara Swisher, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he would not take a Covid-19 vaccine when one becomes available.
Despite Warnings From Tesla, Study Finds Autopilot Drivers Still Aren't Paying Enough AttentionMIT researchers released a study that found that Tesla drivers are more distracted when they use the company's semi-autonomous Autopilot that is in Teslas now.
Tesla Unveils Electric Vehicle Battery Breakthroughs; Investors Fear Long Wait To AdoptTesla is working on new battery technology that CEO Elon Musk says will enable the company within the next three years to make sleeker, more affordable cars that can travel dramatically longer distances on a single charge.
Elon Musk Seeks To Colonize Mars Despite Dangers, CostsAlong with running Bay Area electric car company Tesla, Elon Musk has spent nearly two decades rallying SpaceX fans around his goal of colonizing Mars.
Elon Musk Says Russian Instigated Ransomware Attack At Tesla Battery Factory In NevadaAccording to Elon Musk, a Russian man's ransomware scheme took aim at Tesla’s 1.9 million-square-foot factory in Sparks, Nevada, which makes batteries for Tesla vehicles and energy storage units.
Elon Musk Becomes 4th Richest Person In The WorldElon Musk is worth $96 billion, making him the fourth-richest man in the world.