Judge Refuses To Toss Lawsuit Challenging Musk Pay PackageA Delaware judge has denied Tesla's request to dismiss a shareholder lawsuit over a compensation plan that could net CEO Elon Musk more than $50 billion over the next decade.
Tesla's Model 3 Earns Top Safety Award In IIHS Crash TestsThe Model 3 is only the second all-electric vehicle to receive the award.
Elon Musk Tries To End Defamation Suit, Defends Calling Cave Diver 'Pedo'Elon Musk is hoping to put an end to a defamation lawsuit filed against him after he called a rescue worker in Thailand a "pedo guy."
New Vegan Tesla Model 3 Is Completely 'Leather-Free'Tesla announced on Tuesday the Model 3 Sedan is now completely 'leather-free.'
Tesla Offers Insurance To Car Buyers In California, With Eye Toward Driverless FutureTesla owners in California can now buy insurance from the electric car company in what may be the first step toward the unconventional automaker providing coverage for a fleet of driverless taxis.
Walmart, Tesla Pause In Legal Fight Over Fiery Solar PanelsWalmart's lawsuit against Bay Area-based Tesla over fiery rooftop solar panels is being sealed by the court and both companies say they look forward to addressing all issues.
Walmart Sues Tesla After It Says Solar Panels Caught Fire On Store RoofsWalmart is suing Tesla for breach of contract after its solar panels allegedly ignited fires on the roofs of Walmart stores.
NASA Scoffs At Elon Musk's Asteroid-Earth Collision WarningElon Musk, CEO of San Francisco Bay Area-based Tesla and SpaceX, has tweeted that a "big rock" is going to hit Earth, and that we "currently have no defense." But NASA seems to disagree.
Tesla to Offer California Homeowners $65 Monthly Solar Panel Rental PlanTesla is trying to spark its solar-panel business by letting consumers rent rooftop systems rather than buy them.
Feds Demanded Tesla To Stop Claiming Model 3 Safest Vehicle Ever Tested, Letter RevealsA federal safety regulator demanded last fall that Tesla stop claiming the Model 3 is the safest car ever tested. But Tesla has stood by the claim.
Tesla Posts $408M Loss In 2Q, Causing Stock To PlummetTesla suffered a loss of $408 million during its latest quarter as the company continues to struggle to prove it can make money while producing electric cars at prices that a mass market can afford.