Fire Spreads From Homeless Encampment To Commercial Building In San FranciscoA commercial building and a large encampment were burning Monday night in San Francisco, fire officials said.
Homeless Campers From Joe Rodota Trail In Sonoma County Dispersed, RelocatedIt has been one week since Sonoma County closed down Joe Rodota Trail, the site of the largest homeless encampment in county history. Hundreds of campers were dispersed.
Officials Begin Dismantling Massive Santa Rosa Homeless EncampmentWednesday was the day Sonoma County said it would begin removing the homeless encampment along the Joe Rodota Trail in Santa Rosa. But that still leaves the biggest problem unsolved.
Move-Out Day Looms For Homeless Encampment Along Joe Rodota Trail In Santa RosaOn Monday, Sonoma County will start relocating some of the massive homeless encampment on the edge of Santa Rosa.
Oakmont Neighbors Worried Over Impact Of Homeless Relocation Plan On CommunityAt Sonoma County's Los Guilicos campus, construction on the emergency outdoor shelter is well underway. It is a plan that has a lot of neighbors very upset.
Homeless Encampment Takes Over Neighborhood Trail In Santa RosaIn the Roseland area of Santa Rosa, the Joe Rodota Trail is technically the property of the Sonoma County Regional Parks System, but lately those calling the shots here are the homeless people who have taken the trail over.
On Earth Day, Volunteers Plan To Clean Up Oakland Homeless CampSince Public Works can't clean out the encampments this weekend, volunteers plan to use their own pickup trucks to haul the trash away.
Fire Roars Through Oakland Homeless Overpass EncampmentA fast-moving fire roared through one of Oakland's makeshift homeless encampments underneath the 880 freeway early Thursday, sending residents scrambling for safety.
Massive West Oakland Homeless Encampment Spills Into The StreetThere’s an encampment in West Oakland that's grown so large, it's spilling onto the street.
San Francisco Deals With Growing Homeless Encampments In Mission DistrictAfter San Francisco took homeless encampments down earlier this year, many have moved to the Mission District.
San Francisco's Proposed Tent City Law Heads To November BallotVoters will decide the fate of an initiative by San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell to allow authorities to remove a homeless encampment.