San Francisco Monthly 1-Bedroom Rental Cost Continues Downward TrendSan Francisco remains the most expensive American city when it comes to renting a one-bedroom apartment, but the monthly hit to the pocketbook will continue to drop amid the exodus from the San Francisco Bay Area of remote workers searching for more affordable housing.
COVID-19 Economic Downturn Triggers Exodus From San FranciscoLike thousands of others, William Hauser came to San Francisco to pursue his digital dreams. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began and his professional world was turned upside down.
Bay Area Thrash Metal Heroes Death Angel Survive Horrifying Brush With COVID-19Legendary Bay Area thrash metal band Death Angel found their recent European tour heading right into the midst of the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, with several members returning home sick with COVID-19.
Coronavirus Update: Members Of Bay Area Metal Bands Sick After Return From European TourBand and crew members for Bay Area thrash-metal groups Testament, Exodus and Death Angel have become sick since returning from a recent European tour, with some testing positive for COVID-19 according to social media posts.
Coronavirus Forces Cancellation Of Bay Area Metal Bands' Milan Tour StopA concert by Bay Area thrash=metal bands Testament, Exodus and Death Angel scheduled for Milan in Italy Tuesday night has been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns in the region.
CBS SF Talks To 'Murder In The Front Row' Doc Director Adam DubinCBS SF talks to documentary director Adam Dubin about his new film on the Bay Area thrash metal scene 'Murder in the Front Row' as well as his earlier work making videos for the Beastie Boys and Metallica ahead of a private screening of the doc in San Francisco.
CBS SF Talks To Exodus Drummer Tom HuntingDrummer and founding member of Bay Area thrash-metal heroes Exodus Tom Hunting talks about the band's upcoming show as part of the 30th anniversary celebration for Slim's, plans for a new album and a funk side project.
Local Thrash Heroes Headline Regency BallroomPlaying San Francisco for the first time since headlining a two-night residency at the Chapel last summer, Bay Area metal icons Exodus headline the Regency Ballroom Sunday night as part of the Mr. Pickles Thrash-tacular Metal Tour.
CBS SF Talks To Exodus And Slayer Guitarist Gary HoltBay Area thrash-metal guitar hero Gary Holt talks about the two-night residency his band Exodus will play this weekend at the Chapel in San Francisco.
Anti-Trump Americans Are Canada Dreamin' But So Far No ExodusNow that Trump is president-elect, who’s going to take off to Canada?
Silicon Valley Exodus Is Real, Even Techies Can't Afford The Bay Area AnymoreAfter years of techies and start ups flocking to Silicon Valley, now they are flocking away, for better pay and more affordable places to live.