5 Gorgeous Aerial Images Of Bay Area Fog Losing The Battle With The Summer SunEvery indication is that Thursday will be the warmest day of the week around the Bay Area, with temperatures reaching above 100 in about 20 nearby cities.
Where Did The Term 'Socked In' Come From?The term, “socked in” is tossed around during our “June gloom” foggy mornings here in the San Francisco Bay Area. But where did such a term come from?
We're Used To Warm Weather Fog, But Why All Of This Wind?No matter where you are in the Bay Area, you can actually FEEL the difference in our weather today. We have so many different elements happening! Let’s begin with the wind.
Fog Time-Lapse Video Shows Exactly Why Bay Area Is Less Sweltering Than MondayDon't be surprised if it feels a little more muggy during your outdoor strolling Tuesday. Moisture has moved in and cooled the Bay Area significantly.
Drizzle Will End, 80's Will Return After 3,000 Foot Layer Of Clouds Burns Off Of Bay AreaTuesday brings one more day of heavy clouds and some widespread morning and evening drizzle for the Bay Area, extending the respite for allergy sufferers who had been sneezing through much of our early spring.
Roberta Answers, 'When Will This Gray May Weather End?'Here’s the deal. The San Francisco Bay Area has been unseasonably cool since right around May 5.
When Will Bay Area Temperatures Climb Back Into The 80s?
Heavy SF Fog May Not Going Anywhere For DaysThe marine layer has remained fairly steady for the past 24 hours at roughly 3,000 feet. This is quite extensive! There will be very little change over the next few days with patchy drizzle at night and early mornings.
Summer's Coming: 11 Gorgeous Fog-Swept Photos Of San FranciscoT'is the season for foggy afternoons as spring blossoms into summer around the San Francisco Bay Area.
Clear Skies, Fog Engaged In Epic Battle Above Bay Area SkiesThe marine layer has returned to the Bay Area with vengeance and we can attribute it to a weak dry, cold front.
Broken Beacon Leaves Bay Bridge Vulnerable In Dense FogOne of the Bay Bridge's three radar beacons -- which alerts sailors to the midpoint between bridge towers -- has not been working properly since December 17.
KCBS Sky 1's 12 Best Photos Of January Fog
If It Gets Cold Enough, Can Fog Freeze?Hi Roberta! A friend sent me pictures of ice and frozen fog in Texas. Can fog freeze?
5 People Killed In Foggy Central Valley Crash On Hwy 4 Near StocktonAuthorities say that five people were killed in a 2-vehicle crash on Hwy 4 east of Stockton Tuesday morning.
11 Images That Captured San Francisco Swallowed By FogFog City lived up to its name Tuesday morning as daybreak revealed San Francisco covered up by ground-clinging clouds.