San Bruno Police Step Up Crackdown on Illegal FireworksAll across the Bay Area there are communities that promise a "zero tolerance" policy on illegal fireworks. In San Bruno, it seems, they really mean it.
San Francisco Officials Warn Fireworks Watchers To Stay Away From Treasure IslandAs the Bay Area gears up for the Fourth of July holiday Thursday, San Francisco fire officials are encouraging people who plan on visiting the city to see fireworks to stay away from Treasure Island.
San Leandro Police Seize Over 2,000 Pounds Of Illegal FireworksSan Leandro Police seized more than 2,000 pounds of illegal fireworks that they believe were destined for the black market.
Though Legal In City, Gilroy Cracks Down On Firework Sales Ahead Of July 4The Gilroy City Council approved of fireworks sales years ago as a way to benefit community groups, but the city's cracking down ahead of July 4.
Best Sports Moments In July 4th HistoryHere are a few of our favorites from Fourth of July's past.
San Jose Seeks To Curb Illegal Fireworks By Renewing Call To Report On Your NeighborThe city of San Jose is once again trying to discourage illegal fireworks use by encouraging neighbors to report each other.
CoCo County Firefighters Demonstrate 4th Of July Fire DangerContra Costa Fire Assistant Chief, Chris Bachman was watching the department’s 2019 Fire Academy Class as they worked through their final phase of training. He says the firefighter’s nightmare is just around the corner -- the 4th of July.
Neighbors Hold Block Party For Petaluma Family Targeted In Racist Rant A North Bay community came together to support a Latino family that was verbally assaulted by a neighbor for playing music in Spanish on the 4th of July.
'I Made A Huge Mistake' - Man Regrets Racist Rant Over Neighbors' Latin Music On July 4thA Petaluma man has offered his apologies after he was caught on camera cursing his neighbors in a racist tirade over playing Spanish-language music on the Fourth of July.
America Celebrates July 4 with Fireworks, Parades, SalutesWith backyard barbecues and fireworks, Americans celebrated Independence Day by participating in time-honored traditions that expressed pride in their country's 242nd birthday.
Protester's Climb Shuts Down Statue Of Liberty On July 4A protest against U.S. immigration policy forced the evacuation of the Statue of Liberty with a group unfurling a banner from the pedestal and a woman holding police at bay for hours after she climbed the base.