California Sues 2 Multinational Gas Companies, Alleging Scheme To Inflate Gas Prices In StateCalifornia is suing two multinational gasoline companies for allegedly manipulating the state’s gas prices and increasing costs at the gas pump.
Bay Area Gas Prices Drastically Drop During Coronavirus Shelter-In-PlaceAs the Bay Area remains under a shelter-in-place due to the coronavirus pandemic, those who are driving are paying gas prices that haven't been seen in years.
Holiday Gas Prices In Bay Area Hit Record HighsTypically around this time of year, gas prices are cheaper. But not this year. AAA reports Bay Area drivers are paying record prices right now. Those gas prices have never been this expensive right before Thanksgiving.
California Gas Prices Soar Above $4 / Gallon; Highest Price In Five YearsGasoline prices have spiked in California, soaring well above what most Americans are paying at the pump.
Refinery Problems Send California Gas Prices SoaringWith the booming economy and busy freeways, getting from place to place in the Bay Area can be time-consuming. And with a recent spike in gas prices, it’s becoming more costly as well. 
Bay Area Gas Prices Could Jump After Attacks In Saudi ArabiaPrices at the pump in the Bay Area could jump at least 10 cents a gallon as a result of this weekend's drone attacks on oil sites in Saudi Arabia.
Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities Could Send Bay Area Gas Prices HigherDrone attacks claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen have set huge fires at two facilities run by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company at a vulnerable choke point for global energy supplies.
San Francisco Gas Prices Down 27 Cents Per Gallon In Past MonthGas prices in San Francisco have fallen nearly five cents per gallon in the past week, continuing a downward trend over the last several weeks.
State Agency Report Suggests 'Market Manipulation' Behind Soaring Gas PricesCalifornia’s skyrocketing gas prices could be driven by “possible market manipulation” by a handful of well-known retailers, according to a new government analysis.
Bay Area Gas Prices Higher Than Anywhere Else In U.S. In AprilBay Area gasoline was more expensive than any place in the country for the month of April, according to new data released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Gas Prices Soaring To Near $4 A Gallon; Weekend Worst Time To Visit PumpsWith gas soaring near $4 a gallon in San Francisco, a petroleum industry groups says it's best to avoid the weekend if you are looking for a deal on a fill-up.