'Moonbeam' at Last? Gov. Brown Says State Will Launch SatelliteCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday that the state plans to launch its "own damn satellite" into orbit to battle climate change.
Gov. Brown Signs Clean-Energy Bills Aboard Electric Ferry on SF BayThe governor signed 16 green-energy-focused bills during the maiden voyage of the Bay Area's first plug-in hybrid electric ferry, dubbed the Enhydra after the Latin name for sea otter.
Brown's Global Summit Rebukes Trump, Cheers On Work To Aid ClimateThousands of mayors, climate activists and business leaders from around the world descended Thursday on San Francisco to cheer on efforts to reduce global warming.
Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Block Offshore Oil Drilling ExpansionThe state Senate last month sent Gov. Brown the bill that would ban docks, pipelines or other onshore infrastructure needed to support new offshore drilling rigs.
Gov. Brown: Sept. 7 Now 'California Biodiversity Day'Gov. Brown directed state agencies to work together to protect plant and animal species in the face of climate change, declaring Sept. 7 will be known as "California Biodiversity Day" in an executive order.
California Considers Later School Start Times As Students Deal With Lack Of SleepMore than three million students in California could soon wake up to a later start time at school.
California Wants To Mandate A Woman On Every Company BoardCalifornia just took a crucial step toward increasing the number of women on corporate boards.
Surfing Declared To Be California's Official State SportThe new law declares surfing to be "an iconic California sport" and that the state is the heart of the surfboard building industry.