Sacramento Social Worker Shares Journey In Achieving Career GoalMaria Diploudis sheds light on how she navigated different jobs to finally achieve her career goal of landing a full-time job serving children and families in emergency response.
Former Google VP Ushers In A New Vision Of Higher EducationMost states have deeply cut spending in higher education since 2008. Meanwhile more students than ever are enrolling.
Cyber Security Expert Prevents Financial Loss For Levi StraussProductive careers are born out of real-world necessity. The demands to address cybercrime shaped the career of the senior manager of cyber security at one of San Francisco's signature companies, Levi Strauss & Co.
Consultant Navigates The Variety Opportunities For Nursing In San FranciscoNurses are in high demand at hospitals, but many other opportunities exist for RNs. Whether serving as a grammar school nurse, health care worker at corporate day care facility or pursuing other opportunities, becoming a certified nursing professional is a sure-fire way to keep yourself in high demand.
Clean Tech Synonymous With Local Job Growth In 2015Job cuts by many tech companies may indicate a recent slump, but clean tech continues its run of strong growth. Anyone looking to join the ranks of a growing industry in the San Francisco Bay Area would be wise to consider the alternative energy sector.
Data Scientist Credits Doctorate For Success In Entrepreneurial EnvironmentsSocial media has evolved to impact nearly all areas of our lives. One would think a career in this arena requires a social sciences background, but increasingly, it requires a background in hard sciences.
A Website For Travel Cash Generates Both Funds And FunTourism is one of the world's biggest industries, but large corporations have long since taken most pieces of the pie. Now, a local entrepreneur is able to take a cut using her ingenuity, education and passion to spread travel cheer.
Technology Professional Works To Enforce Dangerous Driving LawsUnable to put down their mobile devices, distracted drivers are responsible for traffic infractions ranging from minor collisions to deadly accidents. Now, there may be a way for business, technology and public policy to come together for compliance to existing laws.
Meeting Clients' Needs Key To Successful Practice For San Francisco TherapistPsychotherapists are in high demand in the San Francisco Bay Area. The region has more than its share of high-pressure jobs and strained marriages. If you have an aptitude for helping people and providing insight into their problems, you may find a rewarding career as a psychotherapist.
Ranks Of Employed Swell To All-Time High In San FranciscoThe new high watermark of 525,600 employed workers holds implications for housing as well as ideal career paths for those entering the job market, and there is reason for even greater optimism going forward thanks to a technology growth trend in the city.
Fine Art Inspires Entrepreneurship In San FranciscoArtistic vision and business ventures can be powerful allies. In the case of art gallery co-founders Jenny Belotserkovsky and Michal Tavrosky, an entrepreneurial spirit drove them to co-found the Sanyok Gallery, creating artwork as well as social and business opportunities for other artists.