FDA List Of Potentially Toxic Hand Sanitizers Grows To Nearly 90 BrandsThe Federal Drug Administration has expanded to 87 the number of store-bought hand sanitizers that consumers should avoid because they contain a potentially toxic chemical.
FDA List Of Potentially Toxic Hand Sanitizer Brands Grows To Nearly 60The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and health care providers about the growing number of hand sanitizers that contain methanol, which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and deadly if swallowed. 
FDA Warns About 5 Additional Potentially Toxic Hand Sanitizers Containing MethanolThe FDA is expanding its list of potentially toxic hand sanitizers that it is warning consumers to avoid using.
FDA Issues Warning About Mexican Hand Sanitizers Possibly Containing MethanolThe Federal Drug Administration has issued an advisory to consumers against using a number of hand sanitizers manufactured by a Mexican company that could contain toxic wood alcohol.
Marshawn Lynch, E-40 Donate Cases Of Hand Sanitizer To Jail, Prison FacilitiesTwo Bay Area celebrities have made an impact to help limit the spread of coronavirus at jail and prison facilities in California.
Coronavirus Update: UC Berkeley Grad Students Transform School Lab To Make Free Hand Sanitizer For NeedyTwo graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley have transformed a teaching lab at the university into a hand sanitizer factory and have been providing it for free to needy populations across the Bay Area during the coronavirus pandemic shelter-in-place.
Sierra Aviation Company Flies Coronavirus Supplies To Bay Area Health Workers, 1st RespondersAcross California, the aviation charter business has slowed way down. Truckee-based Mountain Lion Aviation, instead of letting their aircraft sit idle, are volunteering to help move much needed supplies to those fighting coronavirus.
Disinfectant and Social Distancing: How KPIX Crews Stay Safe Amid Coronavirus
East Bay Man Helps BART Riders Stay Clean With Free, Pop-Up Hand Washing TableAn East Bay man is operating a pop-up hand washing table, which he built himself, for commuters at the North Berkeley BART station so they can stay clean and combat coronavirus.
BART To Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers At Each Station Amid Coronavirus OutbreakIn order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus throughout the Bay Area, BART said starting Wednesday night, each station will be equipped with at least one dispenser of hand sanitizer.
Hand Sanitizers Are Losing Kill Power Against This Germ In Hospitals, Study FindsIn hospitals, one bacterial species is becoming increasingly tolerant to the alcohols used in hand sanitizers.