YouTube Cracks Down On Racist, Sexist And Similar InsultsYouTube is taking another step to curb hateful and violent speech on its site.
Zuckerberg Hosts 'No Holds Barred' Private Dinner With Civil Rights Leaders In Palo AltoFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted dinner for a delegation of civil rights leaders to hear directly their criticisms of the social media platform and ways to improve.
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Hosts Dinner Table Discussion With Civil Rights LeadersFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opened the doors of his Palo Alto home Monday to American civil right leaders including the Rev. Al Sharpton for an "important and robust conversation" on his platform's policies involving hate speech and political ads.
YouTube Says It's Removing More Hate Speech Than Before; Controversial Channels Remain UpDespite instituting a more stringent policy around hateful content in June, YouTube has been criticized for doing too little and not providing enough transparency.
Popular YouTuber Banned From Site After Hate SpeechA foul-mouthed, 14-year-old YouTube user who has grown popular with the far right has been banned from the online video site for using hate speech, according to company officials.
Twitter Bans 'Dehumanizing' Posts Targeting Religious GroupsTwitter now prohibits hate speech that targets religious groups using dehumanizing language.
Germany Fines Facebook $2.3 Million Under Hate Speech LawGerman authorities said Tuesday that they have imposed a 2 million-euro ($2.3 million) fine on Menlo Park-based Facebook under a law designed to combat hate speech.
Concord Man Who Allegedly Threatened Mass Shooting Of Jews, Police Officers Pleads Not GuiltyAn apparent Nazi sympathizer who allegedly built an illegal assault rifle that he planned to use against Jews and police has pleaded not guilty to three felonies.
Facebook Auto-Generates Videos Celebrating Extremist ImagesThe animated video begins with a photo of the black flags of jihad. Seconds later, it flashes highlights of a year of social media posts: plaques of anti-Semitic verses, talk of retribution and a photo of two men carrying more jihadi flags while they burn the stars and stripes.
Facebook Cracks Down On Groups Spreading Harmful InformationFacebook said Wednesday it is rolling out a wide range of updates aimed at combatting the spread of false and harmful information on the social media site.
Facebook Extends Ban On Hate Speech To White NationalistsFacebook is extending its ban on hate speech to prohibit the promotion and support of white nationalism and white separatism.