California Paid Leave Law Among Nation's BroadestA new law in California lets more people than almost anywhere else in the country take up to three months off from work to care for a family member.
Coronavirus Tracking App Unveiled To Notify User When They Are Exposed To COVID-19The state of California has partnered with other western states to pilot a mobile app designed by Google and Apple that notifies a user when they have been exposed to someone infected with the novel coronavirus.
California Governor Signs Laws to Protect Workers from VirusCalifornia companies must warn their workers of any potential exposure to the coronavirus and must pay their employees workers compensation benefits if they get sick with the disease under two laws that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Thursday.
UC Berkeley Announces New Research Project on Psychedelic DrugsThe study of psychedelic drugs is seeing a resurgence and the University of California at Berkeley is going to take part, university officials said this week.
Study: Number of NorCal Wildfires Increased Since 1984, Climate Change Making Fires WorseA new study from UC Davis found that the number of high-severity wildfires in Northern California have been increasing by 10% each decade since 1984.
1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Roll-Out May Provide Lessons For COVID-19 Vaccination EffortsThe federal government is rolling out its plan for a coronavirus vaccination program, an effort that's not expected to be complete until late 2021. This is something the United States tried not that long ago and haste created a number of problems. From that case, there is a lesson in being patient, and getting it right.
Frustrated Business Owners Want Santa Clara County To Follow State's 'Red Tier' Reopening GuidelinesA group of business owners and at least a half dozen chambers of commerce across Santa Clara County are coming together to urge county leaders to relax COVID-19 restrictions.
Santa Clara County Criticizes COVID-19 Testing Shortfalls By Private Health Care CompaniesSanta Clara County officials are calling out private health care companies for not stepping up their COVID-19 testing.
Santa Cruz County Reports 8th COVID-19 Death, Most New Cases In South CountyThe Santa Cruz County Public Health Division announced Wednesday the eighth COVID-19-related death in the county.
CoCo County Plans to Turn Motel Into Permanent Homeless Support HubContra Costa County plans to turn a 174-room motel in Pittsburg into a permanent support hub for helping homeless residents transition into supportive housing.
Mayors Vow to Launch Guaranteed Income Programs Across USA growing number of mayors across the country support giving cash to low-income families with no restrictions on how they can spend it — part of a growing movement to establish a guaranteed minimum income to combat poverty and systemic racism.