Former San Jose Tent City Organizers Seek Donated Cars For Homeless To Live InThe organizers of a now-defunct homeless tent city in San Jose are asking people to donate cars, but not just for people to drive. They want the cars for people to live in.
Oakland To Invest Millions In 'Tuff Shed' Program To Help House HomelessHousing homeless people in backyard sheds sounds extreme, but Oakland officials say the exploding crisis calls for extreme ideas.
Volunteers Still Hopeful For Hope Village's Future As Lease ExpiresThe operating lease has expired for Hope Village, forcing 17 people into motels with one-month vouchers while the city and county search for alternative sites.
San Jose Hope Village Homeless Camp In Limbo As Eviction Date NearsTime and hope are running out for San Jose's Hope Village. In 10 days, the homeless tent encampment must pack up and leave as county and city leaders figure out where they will go next.
Oakland Lake Merritt Homeless Encampment Cleanup ContinuesFriday was the day for one of the largest homeless camps by Oakland's Lake Merritt to come down despite the objection of homeless advocates.
City Of Oakland Clears Homeless From Lake MerrittCity of Oakland workers spent the Valentine's Day evicting more than a dozen homeless people who have been camping by Lake Merritt.
City Clears Out Homeless Camp in East OaklandCity of Oakland crews on Thursday cleared out a large, problem-plagued homeless camp in east Oakland that was the site of two large fires and at least one homicide last fall.
Oakland's 'Tuff Sheds' Not Tough Enough In Battle Against HomelessnessOn Monday, KPIX 5 asked Oakland city leaders if the Tuff Sheds, which are supposed to help the homeless, are doing enough to remedy the city's homeless problem.
San Jose Volunteers Clean Up Homeless Camp Site on Coyote CreekOn Saturday, more than 150 volunteers picked up trash along the banks of Coyote Creek in San Jose in an area once known as "The Jungle," a sprawling, trash-strewn homeless encampment where hundreds lived in squalor.
Homeless Camp Fire Quickly Extinguished Near Oakland's Lake MerrittA blaze that sprang up in a homeless camp near Lake Merritt Saturday morning was quickly extinguished by firefighters with no injuries, despite several explosions.
Fire Below I-280 in San Francisco Closes Freeway RampsA smoky fire at a homeless encampment near Interstate 280 forced the closure of some on- and off-ramps Sunday morning.
Judge Declines To Block Eviction Of Berkeley Homeless Camp Near BARTA federal judge in San Francisco turned down a bid by residents of a homeless camp near BART tracks in Berkeley for a preliminary injunction blocking their eviction.
Homeless Man Hurt In Oakland Encampment CleanupA homeless man was injured by City of Oakland workers using a tractor-style vehicle to dismantle and clean up an encampment in West Oakland last month.
Drug-Free Homeless 'Village' Evicted From Park In OaklandA homeless encampment under a corner of Oakland's MacArthur Maze was torn down Thursday morning after if received a 72- hour vacate notice on Monday.
Speeding Car Chased By CHP Careens Into Oakland Homeless CampTwo people at the homeless encampment suffered moderate injuries and were taken to a hospital.