Vulnerable Homeless Population Face Great Risk From Coronavirus OutbreakHealth officials all around the world are struggling to keep the Coronavirus contained. But there is one group of people that would pose an even tougher challenge if the virus should invade their ranks: the homeless.
Alameda Co. Slaps Homeowners With $20K Bill To Clean Up Homeless EncampmentHomeowners in Castro Valley say they shouldn't be responsible for the cost of cleaning up an abandoned homeless encampment.
Berkeley Approves Proposal To Put Homeless Camp Below University Ave. OverpassThe Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night voted to approve a proposal to develop a homeless camp for up to 120 tents below a bridge on University Avenue that connects Fourth Street and the city's waterfront.
Sonoma Co. Supes Vote To Open Emergency Homeless Shelter In Los GuilicosThe Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to open up an emergency homeless shelter near the juvenile detention center in Los Guilicos, a location many say is impractical.
Sonoma County Plan Would Evict Renters To Buy Housing For HomelessA controversial plan to solve the homeless crisis has people fired up in Sonoma County where officials plan to spend millions of dollars to buy three properties to house the homeless.  
Infrared Video Shows Rats At Santa Rosa Homeless EncampmentThe controversy over a large homeless encampment in Santa Rosa was ignited when people began posting videos of it online.  Now a new video has surfaced with images that are disturbing to the people who live in the camp as well.
Sonoma County Officials Declare Emergency Over Homeless CrisisThe homeless problem in Sonoma County has gotten so bad, elected officials met Tuesday morning to declare a state of emergency.
Silicon Valley Visitors See Growing Homeless Camp Along Guadalupe River Upon ArrivalThe ever-growing homeless encampment along the Guadalupe River is often the first thing many Silicon Valley visitors see when they land at Mineta San Jose International Airport. 
Homeless Encampment Dogs Attack, Seriously Injure Santa Rosa WomanA Santa Rosa woman was attacked and seriously injured by dogs living in a homeless camp that has reportedly existed for more than five years. Residents are starting to ask: When will someone be held accountable?
Cleanup Begins On Massive Oakland Homeless Encampment; Site Designated For RV DwellersCleanup efforts began Tuesday on a massive homeless encampment, stretching for several blocks in West Oakland's Lower Bottoms neighborhood, that was being removed to make way for a safe parking site for residents living on the street in recreational vehicles.
Crews Contain Homeless Encampment Fire In OaklandOakland firefighters contained a fire at a homeless encampment Tuesday afternoon, fire officials said.